Friday, December 31, 2004

And it's snowing in Dubai!

My colleague may have her target way off - but yes, tis snowing in Dubai - Dubai, yes, there's snow in the United Arab Emirates. And oh, there's also quakes in Japan...

OK, OK, I may be freaking out a bit here, but I'm having lotsof flashes from scenes in "The Day After Tomorrow"... And also that M.C. Hammer song that goes "We've got to pray just to make it today, I say we pray... Prayyyy!" (Hey, I was a 90's teen, whaddaya expect?)

All the best for 2005.

Monday, December 27, 2004

"..expect snow in Malaysia next month"

... said one of my colleagues in between our conversation about the recent tsunami that took away more than 40 lives in the northern part of the country. Isn't it scary - the so-called prosperous, harmonious, malapetaka-less Malaysia can be hit by a tsunami!

Actually, after Greg (remember the tropical storm that hit Sabah a few years ago?) I was already aware that the world climate is no longer the same. As I type this sentence a whirlpool of images imported from my memories, courtesy of Deep Impact and The Day After Tomorrow, is swirling in my head.

Right now there are still no report concerning the second/follow-up tremors and its ripple effects that experts say would come our way - yet orders to keep clear from the beaches and reminders on safety practices are still being broadcasted.

Unfortunately, Malaysia, all these while thinking we're quite safe from such bencana alams, is lacking of a good warning system - perhaps our weather guys are already giving us their best, given that our country has not got the experience in handling such disasters. I suppose we now have to look at other countries like Japan and US who have experienced tsunamis and see how they prepare against it.

I'd like to do my part (yes, more, besides separating the glass from the paper and plastic as well as do a bit of funding) and paste a bit of a survival guide which I borrowed from

A tsunami is a series of sea waves most commonly caused by an earthquake beneath the sea floor. In the open ocean, tsunami waves travel at speeds of up to 600 miles per hour. As the waves enter shallow water, they may rise rapidly. The waves can kill and injure people and cause great property damage where they come ashore. The first wave is often not the largest; successive waves may be spaced many minutes apart and continue arriving for a number of hours.

1. Drop and cover. If possible, get under a sturdy object and hold on. Watch for falling objects.

2. As soon as the shaking is over, move to higher ground or inland. A tsunami may be coming. Go on foot immediately. Do not wait for an additional warning.

3. Stay away from the coast. Waves may continue to arrive for hours.

4. Listen to your radio for an official "all clear" before returning to the coastal area.

Typical peak wave heights from large tsunamis in the Pacific Ocean over the last 80 years have been between 21 and 45 feet at the shoreline. A few waves, however, have been higher locally- as much as 100 feet in a few isolated locations.

The best general advice available today is to:

- Go to an area 100 feet above sea level, if possible, or go up to 2 miles inland. If you can not get this high or far, go as high and far as you can. Every foot inland or upwards may make a difference.

- Go on foot if at all possible because of traffic, damage to roads, downed power lines, and other earthquake debris.

A major tsunami-producing earthquake will likely shake the ground strongly for at least 20 seconds. Get into the habit of counting how long the earthquake shaking lasts. If you count 20 seconds of strong ground shaking, evacuate as soon as it is safe to do so.

If evacuation is impossible, the third floor or higher of a reinforced concrete building may offer protection, but such a building should be used only as a last resort.

1. Make disaster plans now. Talk to the people you live with about what may happen during a strong earthquake. If you live or work in a low-lying coastal area, know where to go to survive a tsunami. Hold earthquake/tsunami drills at home or at work.

2. Assemble a portable disaster supply kit. Have a kit available in your car, at home and at work. Your kit should include a portable radio with fresh batteries, water, first aid supplies, flashlight, and extra clothes or a blanket. Put your kit in a backpack and leave it in a convenient place.

3. Contact local emergency officials. Find out what areas are most vulnerable to tsunami hazards, which areas are safe, and which routes are best for evacuation.

4. Take a first aid class. Learn survival skills, talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Knowledge is your greatest defense against any potential disaster.

5. Join a neighborhood emergency response team. Contact your local Office of Emergency Services to learn whether there is such a program in your city or county. Or start one in your own neighborhood.

Monday, December 20, 2004


Is the next new thing always better than the last? Well Nokia, Motorola and SonyEricsson seems to think so. Me, I can't keep up with them anymore, not the way I used to do it - you know, with interest?

Perhaps I'm suffering from techstress. No, not technostress, techstress. It's like when you're no longer impress nor interested with the latest technological development, and every new handphone seems to be just as dull as the last one.

Perhaps I need something totally, totally new to rekindle my interest. Maybe a handphone that can help me fly. Yeah, something small enough, preferably in orange colour so that I can find it even without my lens stuck to my eyes, taggable to the wrist, strong enough to engulf me in a force-field, emitting anti-gravity radiowave and propels according to commands from my brainwave.

Then all I have to do is think - "I wanna hover forward. Faster. OK stop." - and voila! I'm in front of T.S. Mega Taman Tenaga, ready to do my grocery shopping!

Now how about that?

Monday, December 13, 2004

And true love will find you

Ever heard people say "When thy seek, thy shalt not find, yet when thy least expect, it comes"? No? Well that's probably cause no one talks like that anymore. But you get the gist, right?

It's about true love. About how true love is hard to find, but somehow it will find you. And that's what happened to me - my true love came to me. Yup, you can even sing this line like that X'mas song ("On the x day of X'mas my true love gave to me..").

He - my first (sulung you know) true love - came to me when I least expected him to.

See I've been in love with this particular person, this wonderful creation, this talented human, for a long, long time. He's cool, he's tall, he's handsome, he's cute, he's good-looking, he's tough, he's skinny, he's fair...

[tarik nafas.. huuuh]

He's my love, my darling, my intan (intan is actually the kulit layer of permata jewellers say, hence, diamond skin?), my payung (umbrella - a nice one), my delima (ruby), my permata (diamond), my zamrud (emerald)... mine.


OK, OK he's not really mine, but as I am his Numero Uno admirer who will always be just that, he - the one who will always be known as the Numero Uno Guy - is, essentially, mine.

Alright, alright. The truth is, as far as I know, he has four Numero Uno fans - who loved, adored and supported him throughout his entire career, since the days of Tak Kisahlah Beb!, the days of Roy, the days of him as a leather-jacketed Sons of Adam.

In fact it was his charisma, his magnetic presence and his lively youthful characters that gelled the four members of his Numero Uno fan club. The four of us bonded and (kinda) signed an agreement - acknowledging that come what/who may, he will still be the Numero Uno - and to this day, our agreement is as strong as how it was when we first carved it on stone (literally - but you'll have to visit SM Raja Perempuan, Ipoh to see it).

While our history is hardly as impressive nor as old as Da Vinci's Priory of Sion, the fact is, we have been in the club for as long as 13 years. And that's how long I've waited to meet him.

I've tried looking for him - and many others told me they've found him, but not me. Tried as I might, I always end up not being where he appears.

Then suddenly, there he was.

There he was with some 50-odd members of cast and crew smack at the Cheras LRT stop. My good ol' stop. And I was there. There at that precise moment in this universe.

It was fated. We were destined to meet. And fate made him came to me!

And all I could do was took out the Motorola E680 I was reviewing, and started snapping. At first it was zoom, zoom, snap. Then he came nearer, and snap, snap, snap.

As he approached, some crewmembers were already laughing at me. I must have had my oh-my-God-it's-the-love-of-my-life look on my face - y'know, the one when your eyes just simply pop-out stare and your mouth is all but shut, in other words, shocked by the sight in front of you? Coupled with hands on cameraphone clicking away on automode, I must have been quite a rare sight to see.

Starstruck. That's how I was. But can you really blame me? I've waited for 13 years to meet him! Thir-teen ye-ars!

I told my friends that if I ever bump into him I shall simply freeze. And that I almost did.

It's a good thing that I've rehearsed a bit - see I've played this moment many times in my head, going "What should I do if I meet... "

So I managed to call out, "Encik Faizal!"

Of course that too made the camera crew suspectedly for Gerak Khas the Series burst into laughter. But I don't care. (After all I do respect him, so the Encik title was an apt inclusion. So laugh you fools, I don't care.)

And miraculously, neither did he!

Faizal Hussein - the Great, Elusive, Perfect Specimen, Faizal Hussein that I've adored for years - turned to look at me with a sincere smile, and I shoved out my sweaty palms for a handshake, which he took, with much generosity and penuh kemesraan, and said, "Ya?"

And with one word I declared myself to him and the world - "Peminat!"

..deriving more laughter from the camera crew, only this time it seems as if they were all very very far away from us. The laughter sounded 2-D, distant, unimportant.

There were just me, my sis (another pioneer member of the Faizal Hussein is Numero Uno fan club) and of course, the Enigmatic Fantastic Faizal Hussein.

My sis too shook hands with him and told him that she was a fan since ten years ago - to which he responded, "Terima kasih..". Now why couldn't I thought of something effective like that to say to him? Oh yeah, I was helplessly, bodohly starstruck.

Then I asked him if he'd mind me taking a snapshot of him. Without hesitation he said, "Boleh..." and stood immobile with a smile. For me - he posed for me!

That smile, that magical smile - I almost could not find the shutter button on the damn Linux-based phone. Yet somehow I did it - a clicking sound was heard.

And with that he said, "OK.." - to which I said thanks, and blurted out (warning: the coming is the stupidest line I've said in my entire life) "Selamat Berlakon!"

Selamat Berlakon? What the... Where did that come from? Why didn't I tell him that I've scribbled his name more times throughout my schooling years than I did my own name?

Yet he seems to appreciate it! He nodded to me as he walked towards the group of cameramen, and waved goodbye. A perfect wave - the one that seemed to say, "Nice to meet you gals."

*photo taken using the above-said cameraphone, the VGA unit came with 14-step zoom you know..

Faizal Hussein's the best, he is, he is!

p/s: Glad to be blogging again - told myself I can fight my addiction to blogging if I can survive the Raya without posting a single entry, and that I did. I'm not addicted to blogging. I just like it. A lot.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia

... especially my fellow bloggers,

To Ariel,
Have a nice, great, happenin', amazing Deepavali - if you are not planning to have a nice, great, happenin', amazing Deepavali, I'm sure you'll end up with a better one then. But just have it - take it! Take it! Muahahaha... er.. I mean, enjoy it. And thanks for the nice Raya card dear! I'm such a bad girl for giving you and e-reply!

To Sue SSH who kindly let me get my RM1s, The-Sinner whose blog lets me know what the guys have been up to, Bertique who's been forgetting passwords, Liza who I'm hoping to bump into in Ipoh, Lulu the Zara Chix, Drag-Ass Bob who didn't mind me knockin on his blog, Angeless who's gonna get to raya with ketupat and lemang this time, and TopsieTurvieStellar whose darling pet I gotta meet, and of course, the Cat from Purr-Shriek!, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf ZB - thank you for being a friend!

OK guys n gals, see you in two weeks time, and berhati-hati di jalan raya...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


... fun!

You know I hate going to movies alone, but at the rate my office hours are extending the only choice I have is to catch the latest films through assignments, or miss them all terus. Last night my assignment was to attend the little world's first screening of The Incredibles, and this time I get to go with some cool people.

So all of us met at TGV KLCC at around 8.30PM, thinking this would be another kiddy movie for kids. But we were pleasantly corrected by the end of the show - the animation film is perhaps one of the best I've ever gotten to watch (and I did watch Shark's Tale, Shrek, Antz, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, etc you know).


But you will immediately fall in love with the characters, they were brought to life not only by the voices Nelson, Hunter, Jackson and the rest but also the superb graphics. The press kit I was given let me know that there are big teams for character development, effects and even a specific group doing just the hair and cloth simulation.

And everything - the background, the vehicles, the landscape especially - looked so real, yet they did not make you forget that you're actually watching an animation film. I also liked the script - refreshingly funny (unlike Shark's Tale which kinda stink of recycled materials) and gave a lot of evidence of the development of the characters.

A lot of my friends loved Dash - the second child of the Parr (aka Incredible) family. His character is quite prominent compared to Violet the elder sister. I think my favourite characters are Edna the fashion designer cause she's so eccentric and Frozone cause - he's so er.. normal.

In fact all the superheros in this movie are quite normal. They have squabbles, they misplace stuff, and altogether they are just as dysfunctional as the rest of the population - hey nobody have a perfect life, perfect job, perfect family, perfect relationship - right.

Which brings me to the starter dish of the treat last night - you know how Pixar loves to give us a starter before offering the main dish right? Remember the birds on the wire?

The starter animation this time centres on the life of a lamb who, with the help of a friend, turned into a sheep. OK, OK, I've said enough - I better stop now before I spill more beans.

Besides, I got a review product to go through, a product launch to attend and a breakfast session at Bangkok Jam to escape from. Cheers!

Friday, October 22, 2004

A letter for Ariel who was recently deemed tak cukup syarat

slug: letter.sya

Dere Ariel,

before I start - we missed you last night! If I have my way with that plonking toilet of yours, I'll.. I'll... I'll... (trembles with geramity)

Anyway. Truth is I've got a confession: I've gotten you a birthday pressie way back in August. It's a lovely, proper, functional yet stylish gift - a truly remarkable piece of something that deserves only the remarkables (such as yourself) for a master.

I got it nicely wrapped in blue wrapping paper, but I haven't got a card to go with it. So then, then way back in August, I stashed the gift in my closet and told myself that "I'll get the card right before our next so-called "book-club" meeting."

And so lies the perfect gift for a perfect pal in my closet, bounded beautifully but cardless, like a beauty forgotten, like a stray coin under the bed, like a new kite hooked on a wall... You get the drift, right?

Till the night before last. The night I took out the gift and said, "Tomorrow I'll pop it in my backpack and get a nice, small, pink card that says -Happy Burfday- to go with it."

The next morning I woke up with a start - tis 8.30AM and I'm supposed to be at Kampung Cyberjaya Hulu for a peecee with Uncle Lim at 10.00AM! Aramak!

Rush the bath, rush the grooming, rush the ride, rush the assignment.

At noon I was finally done. Uncle Lim's still entertaining the press with his give-a-monkey-a-banana and wazzit-Wi-Fi-or-wifey jokes, but I'm done - besides, it's more fun to skodeng that cute TVTiga reporter packing up as I myself pack up - and GASP - whaddaya know?

I realized I've forgotten to 'pop-in' your gift, your perfect gift, into my backpack!

So the truth is, last night I giftlessly marched to Midvalley's Pizza Hut armed with only a little pink card, on it written 1] a charming apology for forgetting to bring your pressie and 2] a lame attempt to persuade you to "enjoy the mystery of the waiting game" and 3] a sincere promise to deliver you the gift soon.

I don't know what possessed the person who came up with the saying "two wrongs made a right" - he obviously had never forgotten to bring a cardless present but bought a card anyway and written 1], 2], and 3] (refer the above paragraph) then didn't even get the chance to give it cause the intended recipient's toilet busted so she could not make it to the date.


So now I still have that perfect gift I was telling you about, and now not-so-perfect card I was telling you about. So when shall we meet?

Before I pen off, let me just wish you a slightly early Very Happy Birthday, May All Your Dreams (including that weird one about you and me winning an RM100,000 cash reward in a susu tepung contest, oh wait, that's mine isn't it?) Come True.


p/s: Yo Ariel, I'm practically addicted to your blog loh! Each post cracks me up like a dozen of Thunderclaps with the sumbus tied and lighted together on a simultaneous launch! And don't bother about that tak cukup syarat issue, you're more than cukup syarat in all aspects in my book. Happy D!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hence hold yer tongues...

Here's what I found at as I was browsing for background info for my story on the recent launch of the Content Code ....

MALAYSIA: Blogger rapped for posting insult to Islam

Internet censorship laws protect Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi after his controversial discussion about Islam

The Straits Times
Saturday, October 9, 2004

By Carolyn Hong

Malaysia's most controversial blogger Jeff Ooi is making headlines in the mainstream media, but it is not the type of publicity he relishes.

The author, who identified himself as Anwar, wrote that it was wrong to compare Islam Hadhari and money politics in Umno to 'water and oil'. They were more 'like s**t and urine', he wrote.

The pressure on Mr Ooi was stepped up this week. Deputy Internal Security Minister Noh Omar warned that writers of insensitive comments on religious issues over the Internet could be detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.

'We have detected a website with unhealthy news. The operators have been warned to stop discussing religious is sues on the website or risk facing stern action,' he said.

Investigations have been started by the police and the Internet service provider, Mimos, is tracing the author of the offensive comments.

The handling of the controversy will be closely watched as it has a bearing on how Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, who promised a more open style of democracy, puts his words into action.

International press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders condemned the response so far as 'a bid to intimidate' the blogger.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Lim Keng Yaik defended Mr Ooi, saying the latter immediately stopped Anwar from posting another message after the offensive comments were made.

Mr Ooi, a business strategy analyst in an international telecommunications firm, told The Straits Times that his blog, Screenshots, focused on issues of governance.

The forum section is used occasionally by commentators making strong criticisms.

'I want to provoke thought but I can be firm if people hijack my blog topic,' he said, adding that he banned Anwar before his offensive posting sparked a public outcry.

This is not the first time that his blog, which discusses issues of religion, race relations and corporate governance that are rarely aired in the newspapers, has attracted strong opinions from commentators.

In recent months, he crossed swords with well-connected companies such as cable television firm Astro and mobile phone operator Maxis, as well as with New Straits Times group editor-in-chief Kalimullah Hassan.

In his Sunday column last week, Datuk Kalimullah wrote: 'This was not the first time that this Jeff Ooi allowed postings that hurt the feelings of others.

'His own writings smack of prejudices against certain ethnic groups...I feel the anger because I, too, like dozens of others, am a victim of the likes of Ooi.'

Mr Ooi defends his writing as being true to the nature of a blog which, being a personal journal, has room for the biases of its writer.

He said there was nothing personal in his criticisms and if names were mentioned, they were those of the main decision-makers who should be accountable for the shortcomings of their companies.

'It is to make sure that the buck stops there,' he said.

Not everyone will agree with his strategy but his forthright style has won him a wide readership, especially after the news website Malaysiakini began carrying a link to his blog in April last year.

What does Malaysiakini, which itself has had a brush with the law over its content, feel about the new episode?

Chief executive officer Premesh Chandran said: 'There is no issue. It has already been pointed out that the laws will be applied to the author of the posting, if he is traced. We don't think that Jeff Ooi has broken any law.'

The authorities have taken action in the past against the authors of Internet content, charging four persons in 1998 for spreading rumours via e-mail about an imminent riot by Indonesians.

Last week, a lecturer was arrested because of a series of hate e-mail messages against pop singer Siti Nurhaliza and several entertainment journalists.

Mr Ooi has no plans to give up his blog, which he said had become a passion for him. But he is considering vetting all messages before publication.

Date Posted: 10/9/2004

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pricey prices

They must have unanimously decided that since the price of fuel has gone up, so must all the tepung pelitas, ayam perciks, air sirap limaus and the rest of the food items sold in Bazar Ramadhan. Some stalls were selling kuehs at RM2 per five pieces and RM3.50 per small bag of sugarcane juice!

What happened to those lima seringgit spring rolls and puteri tiga sebilik? And those nice RM1 packs of murtabak and air sirap selasih? Gone, all gone, if there's some, it's a rare reward in the form of compromised sizes. Heartless I tell you!

So I have given up all aspirations to fully depend on Bazar Ramadhan stuff for buka puasa. Cook at home if we must, but buy another bungkus of nasi kerabu at RM4.50 again - never!

It's a good thing that I've received several break fast invitations from the IT corps, as well as some pals and schoolmates. Even if I need to spend, then I'll be enjoying food with good company, and that's something!

Which brings me to yet another good thing to look forward to during this fasting month - the chance to get together with family and friends, catching up, hanging out. Ain't that fun...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Selamat berpuasa

Hello hello! It's been some time since I've written anything worth reading here. Firstly I'd like to wish every Muslim Selamat Berpuasa, and to non-fasting individuals out there, c'mon and flock the Bazar Ramadhan!

Speaking of Bazar Ramadhan, have to say it's one of the reason why the fasting month is something I always look forward to! This is the time and place where you can find excotic meals like nasi kerabu, akok, ayam percik, ikan bakar, limas up for sale.

Yeah, sure these stuff are available at pasar malams as well, but during Ramadhan they become more desirable! Know what I mean..?

Ugh, I really gotta take my mind off food! It's only noon la!

Hmm, how bout if I share with you the work of a colleague - Wan - he's a tech journalist too, but he's also a very creative guy with a cool sense of geek humour! Check out his comic strip below:

Disclaimer: The strips (including the text and characters) above belongs to Ridzwan A. Rahim.

By the way the above are two sets (of three boxes) of Wan's One-On-One which has USB-Man in it and a very comely villain, IrDA Babboon. I did a nasty cut and paste job so that's why Wan's byline was missing in the third box...

So whaddaya think? I shall paste updates if anyone wants to know what happens to USB-Man (currently the "fearsome Dr USB").

I already have Wan's little volume of "The Hassle-Free Adventures of USB-Man" - he printed it on plain A4 paper and using Epson's DuraBRITE ink hence no seep-throughs la. It's autographed as well, and I'm planning to sell it 20 years from now...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Spam, spim, spit

Yep, that's the latest thing I'm looking into. Spam is those annoying messages that you get via e-mail, spim is those annoying messages you get via instant messaging and spit is those annoying messages that you get via VoIP.

Boring stuff.

But I'm finally done with the article - albeit shabbily done, it's bound to be read by the Ed tonight when he opens his inbox - sorry Boss!. I'm such a bad writer nowadays, so bad I've not even blogged for days.

The thing is, Ideas don't come easily, and don't even mention Good Ideas. For an untrained writer like me, the susahness doubles.

In fact, for a person whose English is not grammatically correct all the time, the susahness triples! Can you believe that I have to grab an Enid Blyton just to check if my past and present tenses are correct?

I bet the kids I saw performing at the concert last night can speak and write better English than I can. (Kids = Q-Dees Taman Midah kindy-goers, concert = Q-Dees Concert 2004 at IYC, Cheras - see my nephew was dancing to a remix version Turn Around last night - his teacher coloured his hair red, and he's got eye shadow and lipstick applied - woo hoo!)

OK la, the things is, sometimes when writer's block sets in, you'll feel so bodo sometimes. It happens from time to time la but that's not an excuse to deliver your stories late. So I'm chanting my personal I-must-write-that-bloody-story-now mantra now...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Anwar = Pahlawan Asia? Not quite

Here's what I found in my Y! mail today:

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:55:49 +0800
Subject: Sila Undi Kalau Berminat..........

Time calonkan Anwar sebagai 'Pahlawan Asia'
Thursday, September 30 @ 11:52:51 MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 Sept (Hrkh)- Ketua Pemuda KeADILan, Ezam Mohd Noor menyeru rakyat Malaysia untuk memberi sokongan kepada Dato' Seri Anwar yang dicalonkan sebagai salah seorang 'Pahlawan Asia' oleh sebuah majalah terkemuka, Time Asia.
Anwar adalah salah seorang daripada 20 tokoh-tokoh Asia yang dicalonkan untuk diundi secara online di laman web rasmi majalah tersebut.
Dalam undian yang masih berjalan sekarang, Anwar yang dibebaskan pada 2 September lepas berada di tempat ketiga di belakang tahanan politik Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi dan pejuang kemanusiaan Tibet, Dalai lama.
Setakat berita ini ditulis, Anwar memperolehi 9.7% undi , manakala Suu Kyi memperolehi 46.4% dan Dalai lama 39.5%. Anwar adalah satu-satunya calon dari Malaysia yang menerima pencalonan tersebut.
Sehubungan itu, menurut Ezam, rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya harus berbangga dengan pengiktirafan ini dan mengambil bahagian dalam pengundian yang masih berjalan sekarang.
"Saya menyeru seluruh rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira fahaman politik dan kaum supaya memberi sokongan kepada Anwar dengan meluangkan masa melayari laman tersebut dan mengundi Anwar sebagai tanda sokongan," kata Ezam kepada Harakahdaily.
Pelayar laman web boleh mengundi untuk memilih tokoh masing-masing. Keputusan akan diumumkan pada 4 Oktober 2004. -ER/zs

I got the above email for subscribing to one particular KM e-group, and responding to this message, another member wrote in:

Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 09:13:46 +0800
Subject: Sila Undi Kalau Berminat..........

Tell me, or even list down 3 deliverables during his tenure as DPM what
he has done to Asia or even to Malaysia to deserve this recognition.

Somehow to me that's aptly put. I mean, minus all the charges about sodomy etc, I still don't see him contributing much - frankly speaking the only thing about Anwar that I can remember is his suggestion that we all use sebutan baku for Bahasa Melayu. And I hated it.

Probably I'm just not being the good Malaysian who remembers who did what for the country - *sigh*.

Since the results were supposed to be released yesterday, I layaried Time Asia's website... And here's the list of those nominated in the same category, and the results:

Aung San Suu Kyi Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate
40.4% 37,617 votes
Anwar Ibrahim Former Deputy PM, finally free
35.9% 33,379 votes
Dalai Lama Global spiritual leader
20.3% 18,879 votes
Anuradha Koirala Saving those sold into prostitution and slavery
0.5% 482 votes
Yang Liwei China's first man in space
0.5% 482 votes
Narayana Murthy Infosys founder, IT entrepreneur
0.4% 373 votes
Corazon Aquino Post-Marcos savior
0.3% 266 votes
Liu Xiang Track star and Olympic medalist
0.3% 264 votes
Manmohan Singh The unexpected Prime Minister
0.2% 227 votes
Sakie Yokota Working to bring North Korean abductees home
0.2% 173 votes
Kim Dae Jung Political prisoner turned President
0.1% 124 votes
Shaukat Aziz Banker, finance minister and now PM
0.1% 116 votes
Martin Lee Longtime campaigner for democracy
0.1% 98 votes
Chen Chih Hsin & Chu Mu Yen First Olympic Gold Medallists
0.1% 97 votes
Lee Hsien Loong Taking up the reins
0.1% 86 votes
Dat Nguyen The first Vietnamese-American in the NFL
0.1% 84 votes
Liang Congjie Environmentalist and founder, Friends of Nature
0.1% 83 votes
Medha Patkar Fighting to save the Narmada river valley
0.1% 74 votes
Tarun Tejpal Editor of, investigative journalist
0.1% 67 votes
Wang Shuo "Punk Lit" pioneer
0.1% 49 votes
Total Votes Cast: 93,022
- compiled from

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Auspicious occurance

I'm early today! Entered the gates of the coop at exactly 9:50AM - ten minutes ahead of "punchcard time"! It's a good thing that we don't do punchcarding here, or today's entry would be the only one stamped in black after a long, looooong time.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blown out of...

... proportion.

I'm talking about the Siti Nurhaliza hate-email case. Yes, yes, yes, people are still talking about it. Yes, yes, yes, many people aren't convince that the guy they arrested yesterday is the real culprit.

Yes, yes, yes, I'm tired of hearing about this case, yet around me it seems to take centrestage, so I can't help but blog about it - from a normal Malaysian point of view.

And yes, yes, yes, the hens in the coop are clucking - if you ask me it is them, rather than the case, that's going out of proportion. Here's a conversation I had the misfortune of hearing:

A: Hahaha, this Asmah & the Gang is so famous now!

B: Infamous, you mean.

A: Famous, infamous, it's still talked about.

C: Ya lah, publicity, good or bad, is still publicity.

A: Hah, imagine if anyone would cash in from this situation...

How la?

A: Er, maybe a new hip-hop act will call themselves "Asmah & the Gang"?

B: Hahaha... then they'll have a song called "Siti Tertipu"!

A: "Siti tertipu tertipu tipu tersiti!" Kahkahkah!

C: Then someone will do a based on a true story film about this!

B: Aaa... Puteri Kuala Lipis!

A: No, no, no! Email Laju-laju!

What if they do a reality-TV show? Lagi interesting!

C: Eh, how to do a reality-TV show from hate-email cases la?

B: Can pin webcam on stylists or singer then make them go behind stage with Siti...

A: You mean see if anyone can catch her swallowing eggs in a toilet is it?

C: Like Punked? Eh.. come to think of it if Asmah & the Gang is actually a guy then..

A: .. how did he caught Siti doing that "egg business" in the ladies eh?

C: Exactly!

B: I know, I know, he's a cross-dresser!

At this point I pick up my butt and left my desk, went over to the publishing exec's desk to pinjam her Harian Metro, Malay Mail and Berita Harian...

Does a rooster bray?

Of course not. Braying is a donkey thing. Donkeys bray. Roosters don't. Simple, right?

No. Life is rarely simple. So once in a blue moon, a rooster might just bray. I haven't seen one, but that does not mean it has never happened - maybe it did, say in a cartoon series, a rooster did?

OK, OK, I know I'm going nowhere with this. The point is, if roosters don't bray, then what do you call the sound that they make?

p/s: For the record, I can't remember if a rooster brays, roars, cuckoos, purrs or barks. Does anyone?

Monday, September 27, 2004

Sad news

If you're asking what's the sad news, thanks, and lemme tell you that the sad news is - I got a raise.

Yeah, I know, I should be yelping "Yea! Yea!" or "Ai yee ba!" or simply sing Babe's version of Jingle Bells right? (You know, the one that goes, "La la laa, la la laa, la la la, lallaaa..." right in the midst of the farmer's wife dilemma between roast pork or lemon duck for Xmas dinner?)

But I won't cause.... IT"S TOO PUNY! PEANUTS! (One colleague even said, "Taik gigi je...")

I can't even see the difference! Though I did hear that the coop's not doing too well etc - but since the management did whine that the coop spends about RM7million for the 2,000 hens' dedak, I then figured, I'm not even getting the average!

After some talks with colleagues I found out I'm not the only one with gripes - everyone's suddenly not really lunching... "No mood lah, you go ahead.." said one, and "Gotta start saving from now you know, Raya's near!" said another.


Hee ish! What a grouch! I should be saying syukur - so, syukur alhamdulillah... So friends, feel free to claim a Kit Kat or Chupa Chups the next time you see me OK! Cik Tinn, you can also claim for that tumbler I've been meaning to give you, and Sue, you must remind me to return your UK-mali Cosmo.

Yep. Me's grinning and bearing it. Yep, me can live with it - hey, I've survived with much less, haven't I?

Have a good week ahead :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Catwalk calves", anyone?

Check this out: A 22-year old law student of Cardiff U, Sian Mansell thought her legs were too thin, and today's Malay Mail (synd: DM) reported that she had just became the first woman in Britain to have gotten silicon implants inserted into her calves!

The things humans do, eh?

p/s: Catch Rentak Juara at 9PM, TV2, tomorrow and vote for Superfriends! (Type Rtm Super send to 39330)

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Still reading the broadsheet

Somehow the NST just loses flavour when I pick up the compact - I've always like reading broadsheet, and NST and broadsheet are like lagu and irama - andaiiii... dipisah... laguuu dan irama, lemah tiada berjiwaaa.... hampa... - and Vick's through to the next round!

Well, well, the guy is getting better, good loh - but poor adinda Saipul yang cantik manis - what an upset that he's gone and Andrew stays - but he smiled all the way out - probably he's gotten a recording deal already!

Anyway, back to my broadsheet adventure - I must make note of this: Come the end of this year, 50 police stations in major towns will have 24-hours ATMs installed.

Wau la wehh... What a good idea! I mean, unless cops become robbers (unlikely right?), withdrawing money from the ATM won't be so scary after this. Now... when will they drop that RM0.50 charge for fifth and so on withdrawals ya?

p/s: Hep hep, a post-script about Siti Nurhaliza - can't believe Kak Pah aka Sharifah Aini's is suddenly the suspected culprit! Lawak apakah ini?

I mean, I know she has an online gift boutique business going on (I did a review on the website), but she doesn't seem to me as someone who'd succumb to such cowardly online doings! Not that I'm really questioning her online-savvyness... but, I don't see Kak Pah being the kind of lady who has time to pour over emails anyway.

But sheesh, I don't see how Kak Pah could've gotten the idea to concoct some nasty junk about Siti N then pin it to the so-called notorious Asmah and the Gang for the e-mails. Why "Asmah?", Kak Pah, why?

My main gripe here is: In the Malay Mail she was quoted to have said (regarding two individuals whom she lodged a report against), "One of them even said to my face that 99.9 per cent of the Press think that the writer of those nasty e-mails was me! This is ridiculous!"

Dang right tis al-ridiculous! Hey I'm part of the Press (ok, probably I don't get to interview Jamiroquai or Spider, since I'm not attached to the entertainment desk but I've interviewed the victim of the hate mail too! And I've interviewed some local celebs so there you go - I qualify) but I don't think Kak Pah did it... I can't be the only one in the 0.01 per cent gang right..?

Huh, talk about generalization - haiya, when will these people learn you must not generalize, you must only speak for yourself, never put words in people's mouth... Sian Kak Pah...

Monday, September 20, 2004

One of the games this hen plays at the coop

... is the Smiling Game.

It's simple. First you smile to a hen you pass by along the corridors of the coop. Then you glance a bit longer just to check if the hen smiles back.

If your smile is returned, the reward is: The pot of knowledge containing a potion called, "There you go, a friendly hen in the same coop!" With that you can cluck happily for the rest of your day - yep, that's what a friendly smile can do to a hen - make her happy all day long - cluck, cluck, cluck.

If your smile gets a blank respond, the reward is: The pot of knowledge containing a potion called, "There you go, a not-so-friendly hen in the same coop!" With that you as the hen who gave the smile first would likely tsk, tsk, tsk inwardly.

Now, how do we use this particular pot of knowledge? This potion is not meant to be used, actually.

You know how some people like to collect bottles and parfums? When you get the pot of knowledge containing a potion called, "There you go, a not-so-friendly hen in the same coop!" the potion and the pot is meant for storage.

Once in storage it becomes a "Reminder pot" that says, "Well, you've tried bridging friendship with that particular hen, but she's probably having a bad day. The important thing is, you've tried."

Reminder pots, ideally, should challenge you to try again - so if you are on your positive side, give that hen another smile, see if this next time would be worth clucking (note that as a hen in this coop, clucking means you're happy - among other things).

Also note that a Reminder pot can easily turned into "Revenge pot", especially if you are having a day full of negative vibes. Revenge pot will lure you into the darkside, willing your beak to turn downwards (can hens do this aa?) the next time you bump into that hen who won't smile back at you the other day.

In fact, Revenge pot becomes much more potent when that particular hen, at the next bumping, becomes a good hen that throws a smile at your direction first. In this scenario, levelling your beak to a solemn curve and turning to look elsewhere would become the best Revenge option.

As you can see the Smiling Game has its darkside, just like anything else created by humans... But I like this game - it is especially nice to play now that the Biggest Farmer of the Coop had announced that the relationship between senior and junior hens are no longer as mesra as before.

As far as I have played the Smiling Game, I kinda noticed that the most senior hens tend to be more friendly. In fact sometimes when playing the Smiling Game, they tend to become the initiator.

Meanwhile others, especially tudung mama hens aren't as friendly, nor are ones who are not as old as the most senior hens, but too old to be called junior hens. As for junior hens, most of them tend to play the Smiling Game moderately well, smiling back shyly everytime I give them a shot.

Yep, things do become pretty mysterious, yet exciting at this coop every now and then. Next time, I'll tell you about the Lift Game, the Telephone Game and the Let's Hide In The Lab Game...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Saya ada banyak kerja.
Saya ada banyak meeting.
Saya ada banyak masalah.
Saya ada banyak songeh.

And my soon-to-retire deskmate suddenly exclaimed, "Eh eh, I don't know how to spell 'solemn'. I wana type 'I hereby solemnly...' How do you spell it?"

And I go, "S. O. L. E. M. N, then add L. Y. for 'solemnly'."

And my memories went back to the days when I can simply ask my mom or dad how to spell this and that, and what this and that word means, and when to use "despite" or "in spite"...

I think I want to balik kampung this weekend...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

How old are you again?

I read with interest The-Sinner's blog today - noting that it's the blog's birthday today! Happy Birthday!

But lemme tell you guys that the writer of the blog has been a blogger longer than a year ago, right Tinn... Thou started blogging here, and you had that nice stripey greeny skin incorporated... yup, she's pretty much the one who rekindled my "passion" for html - cheers!

Which I tried to emulate as she did on her blog - but could never get it right. It's a good thing Sue's much better at it - this soothing grey skin I have on Singsingsong is Sue's find, I can only innovate by changing the graphics in the box... pathetic, but still html tau Miss Lily!

Hmm, I wish I can remember that Javascript coding that Lulu gave us - ala, yang bila mouse-over the graphics change tu... Ada sapa-sapa ingat lagi tak or do I have to swing by that monkey site?

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Lily Kasiran, for introducing us to the fascinating world of e-publishing back then in 1999... [BTW I'd also like to thank English 111's Mr Mustafa Abdullah for teaching me how to write and not get sued!]

Monday, September 13, 2004

Been away

Was away from the office for about four days last week - not just cause of the weekend - I was injured! I didn't even know how it happened.

Anyway the nice Dr K from the clinic downstairs gave me two days of MC for Thursday and Friday - right on the deadline... After declaring that I had a small hemorrhage on my right eye due to stress, he subsequently restrained me from watching tv, using computer, play video games, read and such.


On Thursday I was a good girl, patient and totally conformed to the pantangs, but on Friday I had to watch ze telly! I missed tv so much on Thursday that on Friday I even caught the Bajet 2005!

Though I was worried about my eye, I could not help but curi-curi tengok Pak Lah delivered the bajet live on TV3. He read the whole thing in a single shot, and garnered excited response from his audience (those present there) only twice, regarding the cigarette and liquor issues, which in fact was summed up within two sentences.

After the crowd died down, he said, "Cukuplah pasal isu rokok dan minuman keras ni," and went on with the rest of the bajet. And today, cigarettes are RM1.10 more expensive than yesterday...

And I'm still wondering (in fact since last year I was) why the government ditched that nice word "belanjawan" and used "bajet" instead... Bajet, badjet, bubblejet...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's a first in many moons

I got in early today!

Imagine, seeing the coop at 10:10AM - I've not achieve such feat for a long, long time. And to think last night we had a girls night out (yup, Jenny B and I were hypnotized by Intan into following her catch a dose of live band) and came back quite late.

Since I've had a taste of success so early in the morning I hereby decided that today, no matter what last-minute thing they throw to my face and no matter what stupid gadget they flung onto my to-be-reviewed basket and no matter who's hounding me left and right for a story, I shall be in a good mood.

Wish me luck!

p/s: Today's gonna be a long one at the coop..

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tak rock aa...

I did watch Malaysian Idol last Friday, but had to miss some part of it cause I also took interest in TV2's Rentak Juara (I switched channel everytime the two blardy hosts opened their mouths - to think I have to stomach them this Friday when sis' band Superfriends and my friend Jalut's band Gerhana Ska Cinta compete... *shivers*...!).

I did catch most, if not each one all the way, of the remaining contestants:
1] Andrew the Ent (heeheehee dunno why he reminds me of TreeBeard)
2] Dina yang tak la rock sangat rupanya
3] Datin's favourite Zamil
4] adinda Saiful yang cantik manis
5] boring Niki
6] "I never fake myself" Vic
7] Jac the club singer

T'was supposed to be "Rock Week" and only a few of them actually sang real rock songs! I mean, c'mon, didn't these guys and gals know what ROCK is?

Ini pi nyanyi lagu progressive pop la, teeny bopper la, alternative la - according to an insider, apparently most of them chose the song themselves, ignoring the long list of song prepared by "rock consultant" appointed by the organizer.

OK, OK, maybe a lot of them thought that songs that falls under the "cross" category (for example alternative rock like Creed and teeny bopper pop rock like Avril Lavigne) can pass as rock jugak la. Fair enough - but if that's the case then why didn't they choose something they can really handle?

If I have Dina's voice I'd ditch the skirt and sing the other Evanescence song, the haunting My Immortal or better still, an Ella track. Songs like Kitalah Bintang, Dua Insan Bercinta should be alright.

Skip Gemilang and Cinta Ala Amerika unless you can carry high notes - hmm, maybe Jac can try those, but compared to Dina her voice tak berapa sesuwai la... besides her Sweet Child of Mine was good!

If I have Zamil's voice (I'd first freak out, then) I'd sing Like A Stone (Audioslave) - hey, since they're not singing rock, I guess post-grunge is OK.

If I had to have Vic's courage to be different I'd try to bring the house down with Silverchair's The Greatest View (which is actually alternative pop/rock).

I seriously think that Andrew could've pull Search's Gadisku or better still, that famous Beyond song - had he sang any of these song, he could've retained his normal I-just-wanna-stand-still-and-sing-my-heart-out-with-my-eyes-closed persona... right?

Well, anyway, lucky none of them sang any Michael Learns To Rock song ekk...

Monday, September 06, 2004

Loved last weekend...

I'd call last weekend a good one cause:
1] Got all the beauty sleep I needed!
2] Got to watch all my favorite programs! (Er, how'dya spell "favourite"?)
3] An angel came and brought food for me to eat while I watch my favorite programs!
4] My sis' back from Kuching for a two-months gig at Rush - the club's alright...
5] My mom sent me an SMS (she's new to this) - seems like she's got her own set of texting shorts already!

And coming back to work today is a real drag cause
1] Forgot to bail out dosh from my jeans - halfway to work I had to withdraw money at ATM! (My 4th withdrawal! Next one will make me RM0.50 poorer!)
2] It's deadline day - shuckkkkkssssss!
3] The coop's having a nasi lemak challenge, but I don't qualify as critic...
4] There's still talks about Siti Nurhaliza - of course she's a bigger news than Anwar, but as if it's not enough that TV3's Melodi dah tanya Kris D, "Selalu ke buat rombongan Botox?" and Misha Omar told Bacaria that dia ikhlas berkawan dengan Siti... Check this multicast from my team-mate:
Receive Message
Multicast from... Wan Pablo Montoya at Mon Sep 06 11:25:27 2004
Asmah and Gang claimed to have seen the dark side of Siti. Well I've seen the backside of Siti*. No big deal.
*at a TM Net sure heboh konsert. i was at backstage.

Still, I get to blog and get updates from my fwens like Bob (hmm, you're going to Sarawak and Sabah soon eh? Enjoy!) and Jenny B (ingatkan dah takmo balik KL dah...) plus marvel at Sinner and Lulu's new skin on their blog - hmm... nice changes... I miss Sinner's devil in apron tho...

Me... I got a cat staring back at me... telling me I really need to get back to work...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Big news, big news

First big news: Anwar released!

Second big news: I'm trapped! Again - yes, I know that's not so big of a news lah.

Still, allow me to dwell on the second big news, please (regarding the first big news I'd just like to quote our PM who told Bernama yesterday, "What are we concerned about? Nothing.").

Just now the new man in charge told us that the publication we're attached to will no longer be active - we'll be absorbed in to the main player in the group. As for what's going to happen to each one of us specifically, we'll have another four months to sing que sara sara...

Today's the day they'll announce...

... the Federal Court's decision on Anwar Ibrahim's final appeal... Will he be released, or will he stay behind bars till 2009?

At the coop employees wearing "Big or Small" Tees are flocking in front of the old telly, hoping the one o'clock news will bear some light - nothing so far...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

NST compact edition now available in Klang Valley!

I hate it. I know it's smaller. I know it's easier to carry. I know it's more reader-friendly.

But I still hate it. It's a good thing they're also giving us the broadsheet copies - at least I can still use BT as brolly on my footway to LRT.

But the shrunk version is not the only way to enjoy NST - we have it online as well! Log on to for the digital version of this 159 years old publication...

Why so stupid one...?

Today I found out one of my stories' headline has been chopped to death. It was a review on the Nokia 7610 - which I'm sure many of you realize that it's a bloody cameraphone - and I put "Megapixel camera in Nokia 7610" as the title.

It was changed to "Megapixel digicam". "Megapixel digicam". "Megapixel digicam".

(Have you ever watch the Malay film called Toyol? For me the scariest part was when a terrifying voice called on, "Bachok..! Bachok..! Bachok..!" And the same voice is reverberating "Megapixel digicam..! Megapixel digicam..! Megapixel digicam..!" right now!)

The edited and sub-edited title, which has been published with my byline very visibly next to it, is the very the making me the very the very angry.

First of all, it was changed in haste obviously, and without consulting me. See, usually we get to see the stuff we write on layout version and we get to proof-read it before off-stone.

Second of all, it was changed incorrectly. I mean c'mon, it's a bloody handphone first and foremostly, not a bloody digital camera.

Had it been a digital camera or a digital videocamera you think I'd not use the term digicam or something similar already? Of course I would've put the damn word there already!

It's misleading to use the bloody word "digicam" there! A phone, is essentially a phone, and the "megapixel camera" part there is supposed to be the somewhat a "verb" to describe the subject lah, hello!

OK, maybe my title's too long (but we did have a 4-word rule and I applied it!), but had they changed it to "Megapixel cameraphone" that would've been at least still accurate. Ni macam la gua tak kenal mana satu handphone mana satu digicam - bloody hell.

The paling bodoh part is, my bloody by-line's there. In other words, the air-head here is... nevermind.

This is not the first time my story/headline's been changed so brutally. I have consulted the people responsible, so now there's less steam coming out of my ears - fuh! Fuh! Hot!

Wish I can just write and not have to put my name right under every story. Takpelah tak dapat recognition pun takpe, janji no one makes a silly mistake and in turn make me sound stupid pulak - mana aci gitu ekk...

p/s: Q: Mana aci? A: Kat Buntong! - Note: I think only Ipohans can relate to this lawak bahlul...

Friday, August 27, 2004

Can't get these tunes outta my head...

First, that Scorpian song, You and I, which goes like this:

I lose control because of you babe
I lose control when you look at me like this
There's something in your eyes that is saying tonight
I'm not a child anymore, life has opened the door
To a new exciting life

It's all written down in your lifelines
It's written down inside your heart

You and I just have a dream
To find our love a place, where we can hide away
You and I were just made
To love each other now, forever and a day

I lose control because of you babe
I lose control don't look at me like this
There's something in your eyes that is saying tonight
I'm so curious for more just like never before
In my innocent life

It's all written down in your lifelines
It's written down inside your heart

You and I just have a dream
To find our love a place, where we can hide away
You and I were just made
To love each other now, forever and a day

Time stands still when the days of innocence
Are falling for the night
I love you girl I always will
I swear I'm there for you
Till the day I die


You and I just have a dream
To find our love a place, where we can hide away
You and I were just made
To love each other now, forever and a day

You and I just have a dream
To find our love a place, where we can hide away
You and I were just made
To love each other now, forever and a day

and that 1990s local rap act Nico song, Gadis Idaman or something like dat... urgh...

p/s: Don't you just hate it when you lose something?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

In the newspapers today

From NST, Thur, Aug 26, 2004, pg 2
"GDP growth best in almost four years"

Malaysia notched up a much higher-than-expected 8.0 per cent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the second quarter of this year, the best performance in almost four years.

The second-quarter figure, announced by Bank Negara Malaysia yesterday, came in higher than the 7.6 per cent growth rate posted in the first quarter, as private spending strengthen and export demand for the country's products remained strong.

I see... no wonder a lot of people are getting married hoh... economy good maa...

Also found on the front page of NST today: A Malaysian Airlines System ad promoting their 14-trips-each-week flights to Shanghai. Apparently "it is a common practice for Shanghainese to carry a pet cricket wherever they go. To them, the chirping offsets the city's hustle and bustle, and is considered as soothing as music. So popular is this trend that you'll find cricket shops all over Shanghai today. Not forgetting also cricket paraphernalia stores, which sell neat items like cricket carriers and feeders. If you're ever in Shanghai, to be sure to get a personal entertainer. Buy two if you want surround sound."

Wahh... see how many things you can learn from the first two pages of a newspaper? Aiyo, kantoilah - nampak sangat aku dah lama tak baca suratkhabar...

Chicken unne!

Yesterday a rumour spread, today it's 95% confirmed, and tomorrow...

... might be the farmer's last day at the chicken coop?

Hens are clucking that the farmer's been asked to leave, and a golden parachute is waiting... a six-figure parting gift has been mentioned... and we're throwing him an ayam golek and mee goreng farewell party?!

Where's the justice in this?!

But hell, I'm chipping my dedak in!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sometimes it isn't the thought that counts

A good friend - my lunch-mate under the kemboja tree during school who taught me explicit Cantonese - called me up a couple of days back while I was in a middle of an immensely unstimulating PeeCee about some "breakthrough" software. Saved by the ringtone!

So I stepped out of the posh function room and asked her how's things, how's it going on with her new love (she met someone recently, and on top of that she just switched careers so we didn't get to see each other much) and all. She went silent for a while...

... and this sign from her I always recognize - she's holding back something. You see she was brought up in a family that's very rigid - any sign of emotion would be considered rude, weak, uncalled for, yadda yadda.. So she always "emit" silence when something upsets her.

So I said, "C'mon F, spit it out - what izzit?"

And she launched into a fit!

"Can you believe this guy - I had to go to Philippines recently for work, and on top of my very busy schedule I bought him a pendant for souvenir - OK lah, it costed me very little, like RM12 or a bit more - but I had to venture out on my own to the nearby bazaar - smelly like anything - and it was nearly dark then - to get the bloody thing! and you know what - my short trip out had costed me more - I was attacked by a bunch of people trying to sell me stuff, a kid puked on my shoes cause he was sickly - I gave the boy a bit of change and that made more of them come and try to puke some more on my shoes!"

Note that the above sentence was actually longer (I could not recall verbatim) and said in half a breath. And she continued...

"When I got home he came over - I gave him his souvenir and you know what he said?"

Before I could guess with the usual "Err..." she yelped miserably...

"He said "This small thing? You were away for five days and you only think of me this much?" - that's wot he said, can you believe it?! And you know what else he said? He said "If this is the souvenir you're giving me, I don't want it." Can you believe it?!"

I didn't have time to backhand an emphatic "Jerk!" back to her court, cause she was on a roll... (imagine squasy instead of tennis)...

"I told him "Hello?! It's the thought that counts! You don't know what I had to go through to get you this 'small thing'! If you can't appreciate this, you're not appreciating me - so don't waste my time!" Then I called him bodoh sombong jantan tak guna, kicked him out of the house - told him to go find some lonely Mak Datin if he wants expensive souvenirs!"

"So you two broke up and..?"

"I definately broke up with him - he's done things like this too many times already. He's still calling me - you guessed it right? - said the pendant was nice, and he wants it, and he wants me back in his life, he'll be sensitive to my feelings, he's so sorry - but sorrylah!"

"You mean when you threw him out of your house, he didn't take the pendant?"

"Nope, he had thrown it back to me then - hey, would you like to have it?"

"Egh, sure.."

"It's sort of a flower - chrysantimum I think - made from snake teeth! Hmm, I think you'll like it!"

"Err... snake tooth? Err... You know what, F, I have this reptilian-based allergy..."

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Cluck, cluck, cluck...

The coop's still in a gloomy mood today. All hens are pecking around on the keyboard - I'd say only 50% are doing something productive.

I'm trying to do something productive as well. In my case I have to say blogging is it - me blogged about the poison pen letter against Malaysia's entertainment darling, Fz's wedding... which was a wonderful event to attend (nice food!) and a memorable roadtrip altogether...

Hey, I never said anything that associates productivity with work, did I?

Anyway being hens we all could not stop ourselves from clucking about the whole damn thing - I mean, c'mon - twenty of us applied and only one bloody application gets a nod? "Cannot be hohh...?" (That's my colleague still in denial stage.)

More were said about the whole damn thing. More speculations, more theories on why we didn't get our wings to fly - cluck, cluck, cluck!

I shall not wallow in self pity too long, I shall talk about something ceria to perk up my mood, I shall forget about the money I should've gotten... the amount I took so long to calculate... that nice 5-figure number...

But I can't! Not so easily!

Wargh.. I need a distraction! A cute guy! A dictionary! Two cute guys! A wrong number call! Three cute guys! A Kam-Kam toy! Four cute guys!

Ooh, I beginning to sound like Sesame Street's Count Dracula already - maybe I should go down and buy that famous fruit rojak. Maybe I should read that nasty email about Siti Nurhaliza again...

Monday, August 23, 2004

"Chickens aren't supposed to fly!"

I didn't get it.
I didn't get it.
I didn't get it.
I didn't get it.

Yep, I'm still trying to drum this fact into my thick head.
No guessing who's in denial stage.

The thing is, I was so geared up to fly off away from this coop. I had plans - backpacking to neighbouring countries, attending my friend's wedding in Ozzie, throwing in my money into government bond and survive by being a receptionist at a friend's office, balik kampung tanam jagung (read: kerja kat kilang Carsem) - all noble plans indeed you see...

But now it seems like I'm gonna be stuck here for a while longer. Picture a deflated baloon - that's me going bonkers and totally not in the right mind to go over all the back up plans I had lined up earlier (yeah, I did think about what to do if I don't get the bronze parachute, but never really thought I had to exercise it!).

I guess I'm not destined for bigger things after all. Sigh!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Where's the letter, where's the letter, where's the letter, where's the letter?

I took so long to update my blog cause:

1] I've been away on holiday again - this time Sabah for six days - to think I haven't even recovered Sarawak yet! Spent a bomb, so I'm broke. I don't know if I'll be able to survive the Kedah trip this weekend without touching my savings! Oh no!

2] Been worrying about my application to fly away from the coop. Today's supposed to be the day - we should've gotten results by now - but no letter of approval/disapproval from the coop yet. Geez, I haven't mentally prepared myself for a rejection...

3] I wanted to write a piece that will distract my mind off my penniless, blind-to-the-future state, but can only came up with "Ten things you can do to save money and get a great holiday:", based from my recent experience holidaying in the land below the wind.

So here's goes...

Ten things you can do to save money and get a great holiday:

1] Go Cuti-cuti Malaysia
- tis cheaper to travel to local destination maa, plus it's patriotic to do so too!

2] Travel via Air Asia
- book two months ahead of time, be prepared for a bumpy ride, and forgive those damned maggi-in-a-cup for RM7

3] Take a bus to KLIA instead of ERL or cab
- bus ride from Star LRT Chan Sow Lin station/Hentian Putra bus station to KLIA costs only RM15, start off from home about three hours or plus a half more before flight time, and you'll get to the airport on time

4] Stay at a friend's house, but don't impose
- if you don't have friends staying at exotic locations, find some, and don't forget to bring some Dunkin Donuts and pirated DVDs as a token of appreciation for hosting your stay, and tell your host's mom that you prefer to AFUNDI Mas from Linda

5] Travel with the right people
- read: travel with friends who don't mind splitting costs all across - no freeloaders - and do choose travelling partners with mutual interests, or you might find yourself paying for activities which you rather not do, like duet parasailing!

6] Don't overshop
- when you go to local destination, buy only stuff you can't find back home - still, items like belacan (from Kota Belud) and kopi (special Tenom brew) are of course exceptions

7] Ask your host to do the bargaining
- thumb rule - point which item you want off the souvenir shelf, back away and let your host do the talking.

8] Tolerate the bumpier boat / crazy bus rides
- forget cabs and tour guides, be adventurous and opt for local transport and other cheaper alternatives - you alse get to hear, feel and smell local culture this way

9] Watch out for citizens' privileges
for example the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park which consists of several islands charges visitors RM3 for local tourists, while foreigners pay RM12, wait, was it RM18? Can't remember, but more lah

10] Get someone to pick you up on your trip back
- call mom, dad, BF or any admirer and whine about how tired you are, and bait them with an exotic souvenir

And that's it ladies and gentlemen! And I'm still waiting for that damned letter!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

RM wot?!

Say, how much would you pay for....
1] a pair of shoes?
(Me, RM79.90 is my most expensive pair)
2] a hairdo?
(RM50 at Maju Junction to see this cute, non-gay stylist called Wan - value added!)
3] a pair of pants?
(OK, OK, Levi's price - but that's only cause others don't fit me nicely)
4] an everyday baby-T
(RM29.90 from FOS)
5] something to wear on a date?
(RM50 - but I regretted it)
6] a lunchtime meal?
(RM2.40 for nasi bringin and RM1.20 for nescafe "C" ais at Yoges')
7] an outing with friends?
(Hmm, fluctuates? As I like it?)
8] a holiday?
(no limit! OK, OK the limit is whatever I have in Maybank minus the usual bills)
9] a book?
(RM10? I keep buying those second hand stuff)
10] a performance?
(RM80 is the max so far, one time for No Doubt, another for Alanis - hey these were the times when I was still studying! Thanks MARA! And thanks to my 2nd bro as well for topping RM30 during Alanis - you see Tini and I only have RM50 plus cab fare dat time hehehe)

See, I was talking with some colleagues and we were comparing lunch meal prices. Apparently this cafe located in our work building is charging people sinful amounts for a simple rice plus red/white meat lauk and veggie combos.

No wonder most people still flock the building opposite (Mutiara Bangsar) for food. There's nasi bringin - the all-time favourite lunch item, combined with drinks from Yoges' - heavenly...

Then we got talking (but of course! I was with a bunch of women! Here (specifically my coop only) men loves to lunch and gossip amongst themselves, and womenfolk flocks - reminds me of MCC sometimes.. thee hee hee) about other items like hairdo, books, holidays and such... dwelling on how much things costs nowadays.

Just yesterday I bumped into a colleague (who happens to be an old schoolmate btw) and commented that her hair looks nice. I asked, "Straightening ke rebonding?" as her curly hair's all behavin' and shiny.

She beamed with pleasure, "Rebonding lah. RM200 je instead of RM280, tak mahal kan?" Goodness! I would not know. Rebonding isn't something I do every three months!

Seeing her excitement, I put on a show (as if I'm this millenium girl who can easily tell if such price for rebonding is a steal or a miss)... I said "Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean, considering your hair's long and thick!"

"Exactly! Can you believe my husband's complaining? It's the best price in Pantai Dalam you know. I've checked."

"I know! You can't get such a price in Cheras for sure!" (And I do mean Cheras Batu 3 1/2 only, btw. I don't go around other parts of Cheras watching out for rebonding rates at salons. Who would anyway?)


"Yeah! Er.. nice hair, nice, let me tell you that again."

"Thanks - only women understand these things, right?"

Actually, I don't understand it either. In fact in other circumstances I might gang up with her hubby and tell her RM200 bucks to get rid of her locks is not an acceptable value!

Notice that in my list above I didn't put items like "lipstick", "mascara", "blusher", "concealer" and the rest of the paraphernalia... Hey that's cause I won't have any answer to put in brackets...

p/s: Yup, I don't spend money on wallets/purses either. Stop using them since I lost my fourth wallet with my third IC in it... As for the baby Ts, this is the most expensive one I have - it has a Hogwart emblem in front, and signature of all the members of Indonesian rock act Gigi on its back... priceless!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Stinkin Monday Blues

Of course I didn't go to work last Saturday - whaddaya take me for? I rested well last weekend - got all the sleep I wanted (read: wanted, not needed) and a good dosage of lazying in front of the telly.

But maybe I should've gone, cause today I'm starting to act as if the coop's ready to let me fly already - I've stop caring about deadlines, I've stop being so antsy about the four products that's not yet reviewed (actually three left, can't believe I managed to get one done last Friday!). This is not good.

Right now I'm trying to remind meself that it's my byline that gets printed next to that melepaskan-batuk-di-tangga articles (potentially three of them) that I'm right now inclined to produce. But a couple of odd colleagues are being nasty - ugh - they're not blogging about so I'm dropping this subject (though I shan't stop blaming them for my low-productivity - hey, most situation get worse due to multiple factors - and these "anal dudes" equals to "main factor").

When the Malays say biarkan Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya, honestly, I really don't get what it means - I think I was told about it before, but it's been a while since I heard about this Luncai character - I better go watch that P. Ramlee movie again huh?

But if I understood this saying (izzit a saying ah?) correctly, I think whoever said it meant to let Luncai do whatever he fancies, even if it is stupid.

I better not be a Luncai meself! Looks like the stench of Monday Blues is stinkin majorly today, even Yoges' nescafe "C" ais also cannot help me! (BTW Miss Ariel, Yoges was asking how you're doin...)

Friday, August 06, 2004

No plans yet but somewhat...

... happy? Naah, relief is probably the concept that comes nearest.

Found two openings for receptionist job already - one at that friend's studio, and the other at the television channel that wants to be different so badly. Colleagues are already asking for my PC (because I'm the only one who gets a Pentium 4 around here).

I still have four more gadgets to review - the Nokia 7610, the Nokia 7200, the Pretec 128MB thumbrive keychain and the IRiver multifunction gadget (*sigh* it's an MP3 player, low-end digital camera, voice recorder, and removable storage). And I have less than three official working days to work on it if I go back home early today.

I think I wana go back home early today. I think I'll come on Saturday and do a bit of work - it'll be much calmer around here - no colleagues making noise about us who have applied to be let go, no Loudspeaker being noisy, no aircond (I like it hot), and the Internet connection will be faster and more stable - besides, I'll be truly doing some work as I tend to honour my waking up early in the morning.

Uh oh, my English is deteriorating as I type...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Wrote my name three times and now I'm...

... waiting for the outcome, which will be released in a fortnight's time.

Whoa! Can't believe I actually decided to go! But ya wana know what's more unbelievable: I asked a friend to photograph a photo of me dropping in the letter into the box!

That easy to complete letter that says I'm ready to go and embark on a different journey. That big, yellow box that says, "Please drop that letter you've been contemplating to submit for the past couple of weeks here."

OK, OK, I'm exaggerating - the box didn't have that written on it... but it has a paste-on, practical-sounding instruction...

I wish I can paste that photo here - tis proof of me taking charge of my life and taking a chance with destiny. I rarely do that, you know.

Two of my colleagues got their photos taken as well, using the Nokia 7610 (1 megapixel cameraphone - don't play play oh). Yup we went in a troupe of three and hummed "Attack of the Clones" soundtrack all the way to the people/skill/talent management department.

And after that we acknowledged our twisted humour and we went back quite happy. Wish me luck, guys!

p/s: Friends, let me know if anyone needs a receptionist and be willing to pay at least RM2K a month. OK, OK kidding - let me know if anyone needs a writer...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Write my name three times and i'll be...

... a "grape eater" rich enough to sustain my current lifestyle for about 11 months! That's what I found out today after consulting some mates and practising a little bit of maths.

Wow, I was thinking - it's not a bad idea to go then. Like a friend said - it'll be like getting a divorce and getting a bit of alimony out of it.

Yet during the ed. meeting we had, my boss said if I want his advice, then stay - said he has faith in all of us in the team, that we'll survive and thrive where ever we may get to be deployed to in the future. Thanks for the word of confidence, boss.

But I'm still thinking - though I don't mind staying and go with the flow, rot even - am I destined for bigger things?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Tick, tick, tick... KABOOM!

Wormy, that's how things are here. No one knows when this can of worm will explode, and who's gonna come out where once the mushroom cloud settles. The one who knows ain't talkin to us so its 'ard to decide: to stay or not to stay.

In any case, I'm still considering my options:
1] stay, and be prepared to be deployed to other desks (a prospect I'm curious enough to entertain, besides grapevine says I might get to stay where I am now... hmm.. a bit boring but at least I get to retain my unprofessionalism)
2] go, and do what?

As for "do what?", quite a number of options come to mind:
1] go back to studies (MBA? MCSE? Degree in Photography? Diploma in Mak Yong? Hua yi?)
2] take that receptionist job offer I got from Shades Studio or go to Adelaide and be my friend Helen's grandma's assistant at their family-owned kedai dobi
3] balik kampung and work at kilang Carsem (ooh, this is a tempting option!)
4] seek another journalism job (and get a shitty editor and colleagues from hell? *shiver*)
5] seek an IT-related job (and get stuck troubleshooting Y! Messenger on the first day of work, if I do get one?)6] (see picture below, heheheh)

This photo was swiftly taken using O2 Xphone, a Windows-based smartphone that I really like - great battery life (1100mAh li-ion rasanya), user-friendly, big screen, features-rich and reasonable pricetag (release price RM1,999 - now should be lower). The wagging butt in blue jeans belongs to my 2nd bro. The little monkey belongs to Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark's walkabout zoo... I recommend a visit! Beware of a certain peacock though, one tried to eat my thumb!

No, I'm not thinking that I should quit my job and become a full-time butt-wagger at a zoo, what I'm saying is I do need a vacation. Yep, option number 6] is leave, then go on a holiday and decide what to do next only when I come back...

Sounds like a plan. Or maybe not.

Can't I just say que sara sara to all this? I guess I can, if only the hens stop clucking!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hens in the coop are clucking

I can't work properly lately, the hens in the coop are clucking. Each bring stories, some sad, some funny, some you wish you didn't never got the chance to hear.

See, the coop's trying to rid some hens away, saying the hens are not churning out enough eggs and dedak costs too high. So for the coop to sustain, some hens must learn to fly.

And that's all of what the coop is telling to the hens. And that's why the hens are clucking.

See the hens are not really afraid to fly, but before they do they would prefer to have a full explanation on what's going on in the coop - hey, even hens wants timely information nowadays. But the coop's keeping a lot of secret.

I'm gonna go back and watch Chicken Run on VCD. Hopefully I'll be inspired...

p/s: This entry is actually a vent-out, I'm-whining piece. Peace!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's OK to do something stupid sometimes

Me did something stupid last night. A real tragic blooper!

Am too embarassed to blog about it here. I rather do the review on the USB massager we just received from Targus...

Anyway my theme song for today is Aiyacaramba! which goes very Mexicanly like this:

Itsokay to do something stupid sometimes...
Itsokay to do something stupid sometimes...
  ai yee ba!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sometimes I hate my job...

Like I just said, sometimes I hate my job.

This morning I attended a launching of a website. This particular website belongs to Tasputra Perkim, an organization running a day care training centre for children with special needs.

At one point, seeing the kids - some visually impaired, others hard at hearing, some mentally challenged and others with certain disabilities - makes me think as if God favours me over them.

Isn't that totally selfish? Perasan, rather. Cannot be like dat one oh...

Actually, come to think about it, I suspect God favours them more. From what I see, these kids seemed to be able to cope with their surrounding, regardless that they're the ones so-called lacking.

I saw them greeting the guests with genuine smiles (a feat hard to achieve by a couple of PR ladies I've met), making music (some of them can follow tempo better than some of the wannabes auditioning for Akademi Fantasi ok..), and having fun with Adibah Noor (MC and guest entertainer for the launch - she did it pro bono!).

Life seems good for them, thanks to the TP team - btw donations can be done online click this.

I think at times we are the unfortunate lot compared to these children. We had to cope with a garden of stress, we had the misery of gaining understanding to words like "war" and "famine", and we are always making mistakes then suffer through consequences.  

I guess everybody win some, and lose some - Tuhan Maha Adil.

Ooh... that's me being deep y'all.. uh huh...

p/s: Another reason why I hate my job: I have a night assignment tonight! - don't I always, lately eh? This time I have to go watch I, Robot and *sigh* write a review about it. The thing is, I hate going to movies alone!!! I hate going to movies alone!!! I hate going to movies alone!!! I hate going to movies alone!!! I hate going to movies alone!!! OK, OK, I know you get it...

Monday, July 26, 2004


For a long time I wanted to load some photos of this cat who once graced our house with her presence...

Nice of Sue to adopt her - which reminds me: Sue! I'll be passing you catfood soon!

p/s: Yeah, yeah, I'm hooked to posting photos on me blog! Anyway, shutterbugs, click on the word next to this word UN to find out about this international photography contest that offers a USD20,000 for the golden winner! (Hmm, it's about time I get to tell people that the web is still worth surfing... )

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Janji rock? Nope... "Janji rock sampai tua!"

Big name, Search is. Ask any X-gen, they'll know. They'll say that's the real deal. 
If you grew up listening to Search, you'll know Rozana, you'll know Nirmala, you'll know Isabella.  If you like Search even more when they do hard rock, you'll know Emmanuel.

(If you have to ask who are all these people I mentioned above - please go get a hobby, nerd-san!)
Last Sunday the joint known for its shitty service, Planet Hollywood was packed like every Monday is a national holiday - thanks to Amy, Nasir, Din, Kid and newly-recruited star-drummer Lola, plus keyboardist Firdaus. Yep, Search is in town!

This photo's taken using Alcatel One Touch 835, a phone that will force its user to subscribe to GPRS service to transfer data - yep, no infrared no Bluetooth, no PC link cable. Cropped it to 50% of actual size prior to loading it so that my blog won't bloat. 
And your's truly - a long-time (since 1990), loyal (I don't dig Wings) fan, lucky enough to escape the long queue outside and the RM35 cover charge - was there.
For the record, I would have paid the RM35 anytime - hey they're the biggest rock act in the archipelago! But it's so happened that I got connections, this time in a form of a kind-hearted, handsome guy. Thanks a million, budak cute!
It was 10:45PM when the group finally got on stage. The crowd - everyone on the dance floor, everyone on the stools and chairs and tables and bar and staircase, and everyone who's stepping on everyone else's toes (literally) - welcomed them with the glass-breaking (again, literally) noise that they deserved.
The group immediately started their performance with their usual extraordinary flair, enticing the crowd - damn those rock-kapak fans - they had to sing along so loudly I could hardly hear Amy's vox! Yet who could blame them - Search, over the years has accumulated an impressive repertoire, each album studded with songs not easily forgotten by fans.
Me, I let my mind flash the lyrics like timely-coloured karaoke fonts and give the pleasure to the singer do the singing.
Personally Amy is by far the most charismatic front-line figure that I have ever seen. The paragon of glam-rock and a constant superfluousness, he's got everything one would need to be a rockstar - above all, he's got the voice.
When the band delivered Kejora I told myself, finally, I can go back and "RIP".
This track is under my best gile list (along with Layar BahteraGadis Misteri and Pawana) and when the group did not get to play it during their recent KL concert (the one they did with Godbless at Stadium Merdeka) I went home babbling curses in my sleep!
Perhaps it was a mistake to berth so closely to Firdaus. The way his fingers run across the keyboard is really more pain than joy to watch cause with every stroke I realized that I'll probably will never get to his level.
Half-way through the first set, Din suddenly put down his machine and went off-stage. The band went on till break-time regardless of his departure.
During break we found out that Din had breathing problems. Back for the second set, Amy announced though Din had succumbed, the show will go on.
"Janji...?" he dared us. And we screamed back, "...ROCK!"
"Janji rock sampai tua*..." he corrected us.
And the band rocked on.
* During Search's Sunday Night Live show last weekend, Amy, in one of his on-stage musings announced that he'll turn 46 come this July 28th, hence the cheeky, new tagline. Apparently Amy, once he starts talking, it'll be some time before he realizes that he should stop and let the show continue. This time Amy ranted for more than five minutes before Nasir, with a sincere smile, professionally tug him on his shoulder and whispered something along the lines of  "Aku panggil kau ni sebab nak suruh kau stop..."

Thursday, July 15, 2004

One of the good things in life is...

... earning enough dough to self-finance a trip to Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival!

I always go on a trip during my birthday - this year, I decided to turn 26 at a place where I can find good music, good food and most importantly, good company.

For good company, I chose to visit my sister who's currently finishing a two-months contract in Kuching's Holiday Inn. Luck is on my side cause two good friends, who're just as crazy about good music and ready for adventure came along.

For good food, I got a good dose of Sarawak's famous crab cooked with black pepper, umai, laksa, mee kolok and mee sapi on a daily basis. Since I also survived the sea cucumber drenced with oyster sauce plus deep fried soft seashell crabs combo, I think Kuching suits me - four days of their standard gastronomical offering did not do anything nasty to my system.

For good music, I presented my worn ears and soul with the dish made ready by the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival organizers. This event, held every year on the second week of July is a wonderful excuse to channel your measly earnings on a two-way ticket to Kuching.

I especially enjoyed the workshop conducted by the Zimbabwe's Black Umfolos (who taught us audience that we can sing acapella.. and kill someone at the same time!) and the New Zealand Haka gang Te Vaka (whose representative said that the reason why they slap their thighs so hard is to tell others that they can hurt themselves more than anyone can hurt them).

Of course, the performances of Mohram plus Samba Sunda jam and Mas Y Mas got me dancing in the forest, under the star, amidst a lovely crowd that reached a number close to 10,000 people!

That I managed to get my butt off the field of Sarawak Cultural Village after the finale concert then raced all the way back to arrive in hometown Ipoh on the same auspicious day is one heck of a bonus!

It's ze moz vonderful birthday present ever. If anyone's game to go next year, let me know!

p/s: The only slack during trip: shared a flight with Australian Idol Guy Sebastian on our way to Kuching (morning) - and bumped into him again at Wisma Tun Jugah (afternoon), and caught his performance at Tribes (evening). He didn't change his outfit at all for the whole day... we suspect the body odor stench that polluted the boarding area earlier could be...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

In mourning

Am wearing black again, this time for personal reasons. Kept remembering the tune Pak Teh, the main character in the recent play I caught at MTC, Ghazal Party Queen which goes like this:

Dulu cantik
Sekarang carik

And the three mice in Babe proclaims, "A tragic day." Heavy is the heart which suffered life.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

This is Day Three

Today is Day Three.

The effects are somewhat wearing off.


Looking for a way out - maybe.

A recheck required.

Monday, July 05, 2004

My poor heart bleeds...

Faizal Hussein,
You will always be my darlingest crush!

And I have moved on...

p/s: Happy Birthday P!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bintang RTM, Who Will Win, Malaysian Idol, Audition, Akademi Fantasia... anymore to add?

Excuse me kind sir, madame, do you happen to know why these shows are bamboozling our TV channels - all at the same time - as if that's all Malaysians with handphones with talents for SMSing live for?

Blast the goat, nowadays it's hard to flick through channels without bumping into at least one blurb of these "talent-search plus reality-tv with a twist of personal communications mobile technology" concoction.

Moshi mosh, does anyone still understand the meaning of terms like "redundancy", "pushing it", "overkill", and "bloody boring, typical and unimaginative" anymore?

What baffled me most is that all these shows rely on the viewers to spend money and send SMS to vote for their favourite contestant (favourite, schmavourite indeed!). Otherwise the show loses its element of interactivity with the "real market of listeners and music buyers".

I don't know about y'all out there, but I'm not gonna waste even se amah* on such thing! Why should I? (I hear Huzir Sulaiman whispers, "Because they would be grateful!")

Yet some people would - vote via SMS I mean - why? There must be something in these shows that zombied people into participating in all these SMS-voting frenzy!

Is it the need to a part of the decision-making process? Are we talking about self-empowerment here?

Like, sure, it's just an SMS, just one vote - but one vote still does makes a difference, yes? That's it then - everybody's voting because everyone thinks his/her vote is needed to cancel out some other idiot's vote. Right?

What, no? Cause contestant number 156 is your second cousin's boyfriend's schoolmate in Form Three... I seeee...

Ugh, to think I gotta come up with a feature article reporting on this particular phenomenon. Can I be kind?

* Bukan kadar caj SMS sebenar.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Two tickets and maybe a no-go

Ai! Got two tickets for the Spidey premiere (me ain't lucky enuf to get a sneak like Jenny B) thanks to Maxis!

But I might not get to go! Another IT co is stupid enough to have a product launch on a much-awaited movie premiere night - bloody eejits!

Ah, the joy of being a junior in the team... you'll get the crappy assignments when everyone else in the coop gets to have fun...!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Forgive me for I have sinned!

The coop was having a betting pool for the Portugal vs England match yesterday. The pool started from heavy debating that took place in the department next to mine and after a lot of squabbling even the co's chief (the so called quiet character) got caught in the frenzy.

Me, I'm such a sucker for bets. I love betting! In college I managed to scrape through Finite Maths (bloody proud of my C+) simply cause there's a few chapters dealing with Probability - the only kind of math I can relate to besides plussing, minusing, timesing and devidising.

And when someone called my extension up and asked me if I'm interested to join the pool I said put my name under the Portuguese banner - simply because I adore this player called Nuno Gomes.

Back to bets, usually if I bet I'd look for a free meal (now does anyone still wanna ask me why my email is or a free movie. I also bet for other bric-a-bracs, like a piggy back ride on someone's back or a massage session (so far my sister has won two massage sessions out of Euro 2004).

And that's it.

But this morning (hey, it was 11.22AM when I arrived) when someone handed me a RM10 and said "Golo!", I was a bit surprised. Sure, I know England lost and Beckham sux, but what's up with this RM10???

Then the so-called bookie of the coop said that yesterday's bet is no cheap talk, apparently each bet costs RM10. So my bet on the host team has made me RM10 richer...