Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Likes: Osman Baku

Step aside Oh My English! Osman Baku is in da house!

For those of you who feeling a lil' bit out of touch with the Malay language, Osman Baku can help. I saw one of its 13 episodes last night on RTM's TV2 - it was entertaining, above all, and educational without being preachy.

The character Osman, potrayed by Dato' Rahim Razali reminds me of my dad, my uncles, aunts, my teachers Puan Rohaya and Puan Rosni, who are all teachers (some of them retirees already) who served the nation's schoolgoers in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. They're strict, tolerate no mistake, credit you accordingly... all that in such effortless manner that you'd be swayed, rather than forced, to accept and learn.

I enjoyed the scene where Osman went to a clinic to see a doctor.

Musicman-turned-actor Achong who played the doctor did an especially great job of a yuppie who tries his best to carry on his duties respectfully despite being reprimanded for using Bahasa Rojak. I bet many of you out there have met such folks who likes mixing their terms like that, butchering the beauty of Bahasa Melayu without realising it.

Congratulations to RTM for choosing quality dramas such as Osman Baku and kudos as well to everyone involved in the making of the series.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dear Amy Cheong

how are you doing?

I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I've never been sacked due to a moment of frustration vented via Facebook so I really don't want to simply assume. But if I were to imagine myself being in your shoes, I supposed I'd be going out of my mind, feeling full of heart ache and embarrassment, not to mention being totally upset with my own self for acting so foolishly (I think there's supposed to be a -ly though the word foolish is not usually accompanied by it, or is it?).

You see, though I'm not the type of person who aims to climb the corporate ladder (therefore would not really mind not having a swankin' senior executive job), but I do have high hopes that I'll be one of those people where other folks would describe as a nice, respectable person (therefore I'd be more upset with my own conduct than losing a job).

The kind of status update you've posted on your Facebook would not be a fitting example of what a nice person would say, but somehow the moment I saw all the apologies you've posted individually to each Twitter user who managed to find your account, repeating your apologies over and over again... I think you might just be in actuality, a nice person...! When not stressed or provoked at the very least.

Come to think of it, not too many of us can still be nice when put under a lot of stress or thoroughly provoked. Therefore I'd truly like to wish you inner calm and level-headedness (apologies for my atrocious French grammar) for your future undertakings.

(For the record I too did not find the incessant, prolonged popping of fireworks that broke dB barriers every eve of Chinese New Year an enjoyable noise, but rather than getting all worked up I pop on a pair of Sennheiser headphones and listen to Chopin instead (OK I don't really like Chopin, but you get what I mean, right?). It's all about how you deal with annoying things.. and choosing your musical repertoire. Jamiroquai, maybe.)

I hope you'll find another job, perhaps another dwelling space, both in which you need not be in interaction with things that may cause you pain.

As a Malay - as a person, mostly - I have to say I did not like what you did, but what's done is done and everyone should learn from this. If everyone out there is showing you aggression and negativity, let me be one of the few to offer you some kind words and well wishes, so that you can quickly recover and learn to be more mature in your actions. I think we all can benefit more if everyone learn from past mistakes, even if it was someone else who did it. (No wonder my dad kept saying History is important.)

Your friendly neighbourhood Malaysian Malay