Thursday, June 30, 2005

What to do when you receive prank calls

1. Keep the number in your phonebook, so that you can call your telco and have the number barred.

2. If the calls persists or maybe the fella change his number everytime, just pick it up, leave your handphone where you can see it or just resume sleeping - make the caller pay (a lot) by not hanging up till he's all wisen up.

3. Get an extremely loud whistle, pick it up and give the loudest "feewit!" you can muster.

4. Entertain you friends by putting the call on speakerphone.

5. Pass the number to all the insurance agents/telemarketers/multi-level marketing downlines/get-rich-quick scheme conmen you know.

6. Sign the number up at!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The prepaid insecurities

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, I was forced to use the free prepaid pack that recently got during a telco assignment. No guessing that moi, a postpaid user for the past 8 years (yep, held the same number since 5 years ago), found it the very difficult to adjust.

Once during this terrible chapter I was on a bus and having only RM0.26 sen in my prepaid account. The anxiety of it! Accounts from the Suzaili* case started popping from the back of my mind - what if I fell into the same situation, alone and the bus driver turns whacked?

So I skipped buses and stick to LRT. Another time during the same terrible chapter I remembered having only RM0.11 sen left by the time I replied a couple of SMSes. And the discomfort of it all! I had to be careful with my credit, and ended up ignoring several friendly SMS from some friends (looks like I'll have less friends now, and I already have few to begin with).

With RM0.11 sen credit, I walked from the LRT station towards home, walking fast, hoping not to be caught by any kind of danger or encounter one in action (like I did several months ago) or any situation that requires calling the cops.

Why did I switch, thou may ask. Well for the record, it wasn't as if I had a choice. I never liked the prepaid arrangement - though it might work for most people, it just doesn't cut it for me.

I'd love the freedom to call and hang on for as long as I like. I love sending SMSes to people that deserves cheering. I love replying SMSes from my family and friends and know that there's no limit to mind.

But with certain setbacks that took place (beginning several months ago, in fact, partly my fault) I had to sort of part with my favourite number and make use of the door gift prepaid pack temporarily. Not that I wanted to, I had no choice.

These certain setbacks originates from one source. It was like a leaking pipe that I had to keep a thumb on to make sure no more water is wasted. Never did the pipe said thanks for the trouble, thanks for keeping it running for the past months - and I had my thumb sealing the leak since last October... so imagine when you had to keep the leak covered, you can't do much else, no?

* Remember the engineer Suzaili who was raped by a bus driver, then killed and ditched into a bush, and onlookers tried to chase the speeding bus, and she was banging the windows as the bus sped...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Hey! Take that back! Take that back!

Proton soooo cut my line one! I tell you, I wonder whoever came up with the new Proton model name has got to be... be... something!

Why Savvy? Why? Why?

It is my idea to put Johnny Depp on a throne first! That's why I had submitted the tagline "Mature and savvy" to go with the newspaper's new look. Savvy chosen in honour of Depp, savvy? (But of course, given the so-not-prestigious (OK, many people thought it was ugly) looking masthead we recently acquired, the tagline may not suit all that well, but... Who cares? If I win I get some cash!)

Now that Proton's got it all pasted on their latest model, just like those ugly stickers that they love so much to stick on the doors of every Proton and the internal tagline contest winner hasn't been announced yet, what's to happen to my darjeeling Depp?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tis the season to be..

... shopping!

I mean, when a couple of cousins on my Dad's side are getting married (one this weekend and the other soon to follow) and another one (Mom's side) getting engaged (next weekend), who wouldn't need a little bit of indulgence right?

I mean, those people settling down need to be gift-ed (so must go shopping) and to present them the gifts, the gifter must be gifted too, right? (so must go shopping again). So two trips to the mall today before I got to work is hardly surprising, yes?

Not that I got in to the coop that late - twas only twenty minutes after two. But for the record let me tell you that my cordial, well-meaning intentions to get my butt seated to before my desk came way, way earlier.

The thought that counts, remember? I mean, who needs to know that the thoughts crossed my mind right in between the electrical impulses in my brain that said the T'Z jeans I was looking at is not really my kind of blue, right?