Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"What makes bloggers tick?"

Dear fellow bloggers, as I read Silverheadbanger's respond to my earlier post, it struck me that whatever I don't know and want to know, I should just ask. I should just ask the right people.

So here's me asking you all out there who's been blogging for some time already by now, "What makes bloggers tick?"

What's driving you to write?
(Me, it's those little things that kept nagging in my head. I just gotta get it out. Like the issue about fried eggs and ketchup after a tiring school day - the memory kept jutting out amidst my other thots like the millenium bug, so I just gotta blog about it to get it out of my system.)

What's inspiring you all these while?
(Me, it's all the things that I notice day in day out. It's all the things that I should have noticed earlier but didn't until now. It's all the new things I discovered. It's all the things that kept me reading till the last line of the newpaper article.)

In what way does blogging affects you?
(Me, blogging gets me started. It's like I have to practice using the keyboard after a night's sleep cause I could not remember how I did it yesterday. Blogging takes the cloud out of my skull everytime I need to see things a bit more clearly (not necessarily rightly). On days I'm forced to write about topics I don't like, I'll blog first so that my mood gets better by the time I get to the dirty work.)

What do you want to achieve?
(Me, I want to achieve inner peace. Blogging helps me rid of the garbage that's cluttering my nerves and atoms. Told you about those nagging thots, no? Therefore I blog.)

What have you achieve so far?
(Me, a piece inner peace. After all I haven't had time to blog about people who stand so close behind the ATM line, or those chee kuais who kept spitting in public, or those who let their toddlers pee on the shopping mall's flower pots or those who thinks doing charity means investing a bit of time and money so that they become more popular of a personality, or those segelintir jilbab-clad tua-sebelum-waktunya mamas who think they have the right to tell everyone they're right and everyone else are citizens of hell.)

Berbaloi ke blogging ni? (Is blogging worth it?)
(Me, I'll say sure! It kept me sane.)

Anyone else care to share? I appreciate your feedback - maybe with your help I can get that assignment going and do it as a parting gift for my ex-boss. (Erm, but before that I gotta blog first.)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bloggers aren't created equal

Once my ex-boss asked me to write an article on "What makes bloggers tick?". My oh my. What a big piece that would've been.

But I chickened out immediately.

Yes it is quite sad to report that an enterprising young gal like me, who have all the potential and a golden opportunity to write on a subject as hot and interesting and possibly controversial as this, to say "No, at the moment I'm not the right person for this task." like that.

My reason is simple - For I have been blogging and blogreading for years, I know for a fact that: Bloggers aren't "created" equal.

Some good, some bad, some experienced, some humble, some arrogant, some shy, some shout, some blind, some sees, some important, some worth walking over, some serious, some ridiculous.

And blog-readers are just the same - meaning, just like bloggers, they also aren't created the same.

Some wise, some foolish, some cautious, some naive, some sane, some nay.

As both blogger and blogreader, which I guess it is safe to assume that I am an insider in this independent publishing phenomenon, I hate to say I still can't see the big picture.

There's lots of blogs out there - there are cool ones. Mind my own business types, count calories types, just me thinking types, what I wanna say to the world types, why am I dangerously in love with myself types... go ahead, baby, go ahead.

But some are funny, sad, worrying, prejudiced, grotesque, blatant, optimistic, suicidal... and it scares the shit out of me to think that behind each blog there is a person who could cook up all of these, and even scary it becomes when I realized that there are people out there who actually devour, and sadly, come to believe these stuff.

Until I figure out the big picture...