Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feels just like UiTM all over again

If you studied, or even visited just one time the UiTM (formerly ITM), you would likely have an inkling what the security guards there are like.


Superlatively anal.


Anal-icious to death.

Yep. They are the little Napoleans we all love to hate, and the give us more than enough reasons to do so.

Today at the coop I nearly got caught by the security guards for not complying to a little rule they've recently enforced.

And I fibbed (OK told 'em half truths).

I ran. I stowed away behind a friend.

I just didn't want to be caught. I've gone through enough times back in UiTM scribbling my name in the little black book belonging to numerous security guards there for breaking rules.

I'm don't want to start that here. I don't want to be in inked on anyone's book as an offender. As the pompuan who did not do this/that.

But I think they'll remember my face. I've been here too long to go unnoticed. I'm one of those faces that read, "You can intimidate me. You can make me do your bidding. You can show me just how powerful you are."

Oh crap. I think I'm in trouble. Should I start wearing make-up?