Thursday, May 19, 2005

One of my favourites...

I've been reduced to being shutterbug status eversince the advent of cameraphones. Of the many I have reviewed, one of the best I've came across is the Smartphone from O2 - O2 Xphone.

This is one of my favourite shots taken with the review unit I got:

Fisherman Alfonso

The guy in the photo is my Abang Ngah, the venue is.. I forgot. I think it is one of the watered areas of Kampung Pisang, somewhere in Perak (about an hour's drive from Ipoh).

He's being trained to use the net by my Dad, and this is one of his best effort during practice. Did he catch any fish? Actually, no - maybe he was making too much noise with his feet or something like that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Flea market plan

I got lots of stuff I don't need. Feel like renting a booth at Amcorp Mall next month and sell them off cheap, real cheap.

Anyone wanna join? Ariel? Nads? Got anything to sell el-cheapo? I haven't check out the rates yet at Amcorp, but I heard a booth at South City Plaza costs only RM10 per day.

And maybe tis safer to go there (since some of what I'm selling are door gifts stuff - too much calculators already... cannot simpan lah), more discreet.

Maybe I'll call my booth Sen Corner or something like that.

The girl who doesn't know she's an asshole

Note that this is a follow up entry on the previous, "How rude!".

Note that I'll be doing more bashing on the anal exec, the one I've branded "Analaine".

The thing is, last Friday, during the event, Analaine continued to pissed me off by:
1] Not heeding my request of having top guns from both signing parties to pose together. (Hello! Where got one party signing with each other!)

2] When asked why, she said her side paid for the event so there's no need to highlight the other party. She also added, "Biasalah, PR kan..." (What an insult to real PR specialists who really do deliver for their clients and media.)

3] When introduced to the top guns on her side, she would not let me get some comments from them for the article I'm currently working on. (I just started chatting with them, and she literally dragged me away from them.)

4] When I insisted that I just want general comments, she said why not not send the questions to her and she'll make sure it's delivered to the right person and she'll make sure to send me back the feedback. (Fine!)

So early Monday, I shot her an email and requested that she get me the feedback. Today...


Why the fuck didn't she just let me get some input immediately while I was there, at the event, with the right person in good mood? It was just simple comments for heaven's sake! Malang betul la jumpa perempuan Analaine ni!

My boiling blood propelled me to spread the word around the office - "telco PR specialist, Analaine, avoid at all cost!" Menyirap siot!

With steam coming out of my ears I began to call her all sorts of name in hope to calm myself. (Here are some favourites: Perempuan malas, bodoh gile, 666, setan and finally, da Chucky's Seed.)

After lunch I was OK - finally got the thing out of my system. Phew!

Friday, May 06, 2005

"How rude!"

I called up this telco to inquire about an event they're organising this eve. And one of my questions was, "I just found out about this, so since I did not bring my own cam and have only the office's which I'm not used to, do you have your own photographer?"

The answer was, "Ugh, gee, I dunno, maybe we do, maybe we don't. I suggest you start practising using the office cam."

What tha fuck? What kind of answer is that? Coming from an exec tu!

I did not let the US-accented comment slide, of course. I told her that if they don't have a photographer then there's no back-up. So if my photos did not turn out right then...

(What I really wanted to say was, "Hello makcik US-mali, I got lots of other things to do besides 'practising' using the old cam for the sake of your bloody event tau! Nak datang at last minute ni pun dah kira baik!")

"Er, maybe we do have a photographer. I guess we do..." she quickly retorted before I could change my mind about the comeback.

Again, what tha fuck? So now you do? Please!

I also asked who's the VIP for the event. When she said no VIPs, except for maybe their CFO/COO or some guy, boy oh boy was I tempted to just stood her up or what!

But I guess I'm going... Work is work ma, even if you have to face anal personalities (let's just call her Analaine from now on) like this one.

Anyways, my teammate told me that Analaine was his junior back in UKM. And that "dia tu memang perasan sikit."

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dewa turun ke bumi?

Angeless, who just got a job at the building opposite my coop emailed, "wei...dewa bikin konser 28 may, kl tower, 8.30mlm. happening ni...happening... "

pix borrowed from, thanks!

Boleh caya ke ni? Anyone got any news about this? Bob? Nads?

So far a tour on the group's site did not give any kabar to confirm this. Have to wait and see...

Tribute to Fat (and yes, I do mean the mass)

Spelled using the letters F, A and T, fat is a word many despise, often thought as a disease, many a times a cause for controversy. Tis a state for the unwise, related to subjective measurement, linked to clothes sizes.

In my quest to stay healthy, I bumped into this article while surfing and I wish to paste it here in my blog... simply because.

Fat is Not All Bad!
by Anton Maartens

Body fat is not necessarily the ‘big bad enemy’ the fitness, beauty and weight loss industries will sometimes have us believe.

Yes, too much body fat is no doubt a serious health risk and can be very damaging to your well-being and quality of life.

Some of the health risks of having too much body fat include increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac problems, diabetes, varicose veins, cancer and an increased susceptibility to infections.

But that does not mean that body fat in itself is bad! Essential body fat is a very important source of energy for normal bodily functions and especially vital in maintaining the health of your heart and your immune system.

A healthy body composition is one of the crucial components of your overall health and fitness. Having too little body fat can be just as bad for your health as being overweight!

It is therefore important to rather focus your exercise and weight loss efforts on achieving 'leanness', and not ‘thinness’ (the way it is often promoted in beauty and fashion magazines).

The amount of body fat that you need to stay healthy is at least 8 - 15% for women and 5 - 8% for men.

However, body fat recommendations for top athletes often tend to be lower than the levels normally prescribed for the general population, because it is believed that too much body fat may hinder the athlete’s performance.

A person’s body composition is usually divided into lean body weight and fat weight. Your fat weight is then expressed as a percentage of your total body weight by using this formula:

body fat percentage = (fat weight ÷ total body weight) x 100

Experts disagree on how much body fat is too much, but the following general guidelines are a reasonable estimate:

Obese: More than 33% for women and more than 26% for men

Overweight: Between 28% and 33% for women and between 21% and 26%

Acceptable: Between 17% and 28% for women and between 12% and 21% for men

Lean: Less than 17% for women and less than 12% for men

Underweight: Less than 8% for women and 5% for men

There you go. See, not all fat is bad.

p/s: Note that this article, is pasted here paramountly is for my personal collection only (read: my personal knowledge enrichment program). Takde kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang telah pergi atau yang terasa ada kena mengena dengan hal ini. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Marooning who?

Someone wrote to NST this morning with one of the best suggestions I've heard in years! The writer, V.R.K. said he wished to take a step further and innovate the idea put forward by the Mufti of Perak (he suggested that people with HIV should be isolated on an island), which in turn was churned out in the wake of a worthwhile suggestion from one of the MPs (that drug addicts should be sent to an islands and be given free drugs so that they'll end up all corpse).

In his letter titled "Let's maroon our problem people" he suggested that traffic offenders, litterbugs and people found guilty of corruption should be sentenced to an island with no roads or vehicles, an island full of rubbish and an island where there is no money, respectively.

Now how about that!

I also wish to jump on this "Novel solutions" bandwagon and suggest that people who spit in public and on public property too be sentenced to live with their own kind on an island. Make that a very, very small island and with no shoes supplied so that everywhere they step, their feet will go shweck, shweck, shweck!