Monday, June 11, 2007

Why do I like my school?

I just had a tall glass of nescafe tarik so I'm a bit hyper this morning. I feel like singing my school song. There's several reasons why I wanna sing it. Reading Encik Ara Payung's comment on my previous entry was the last straw. Heheh!

Last week after updating my Friendster account I bumped into an old school mate of batch '91-'95, N.S.W, but of course now no one calls her by that name anymore - got glam name already. Hey why not! And last month when my drop-jelah-Geography-cause-it's-not-gonna-make-your-SPM-result-any-better classmate, Manja and I reunited in Cherating, we sang the school song on our way back to Legends from Kuantan. Gave goosebumps to our van-mates we did.

My school is cool because:
1] Our school is very much into co-curricular activities. Some of us get to escape a few lessons in the name of SUKMA, debates, hockey matches, pantun, field trips, integration camps, plays and those corny prefects' suaikenal (where prefects of boarding schools come in their blazers and ties, wahahah!). These are considered legal activities, so you're not really fly-ing. (Gals sneaking out at 10:20AM after calling up their boyfriends on their handphones from under the table while the 9:40AM Math class is going on - now that's fly-ing.)

2] Most of my schoolmates, even L.A.L the specky girl who catches katak purus with bare hands in the name of science, are really really nice gals.. Even the pretty-but-ganas W.C.M who gave the class of 4 Kemboja 1994 a taste of what "gertak-saja-lebih public suicide attempt" look like, is actually a very approachable gal, as long as you're not her best friend who stole her boyfriend.. And the Geography '95 classmates (a.k.a. Let's Sing M. Nasir Songs classmates), are the coolest of them all!

3] Teachers are cool too! BM maestro Encik AS who let me nap for 15 mins after he found out I stayed up to watch an international football match.. Puan SR who also let me go to sick bay after I couldn't keep awake during Science lab (again, football or was it GP?).. Cik W for teaching us tai-chi and how to conceal panty-lines.. Encik F who was nice enough to skip the next two History classes after the only other Malay gal in 4 "Bunga Kubur" Kemboja, P.N.R threw him that "Wow, bontot cun..!" comment while he was chalking notes on Malaysian constitution.. Puan FT who let W.S.W off the hook despite the two times she caught her red-handed dancing silly to the beating drums and cymbals of death processions.. Huh, Puan ShA, you're still the meanest Kemahiran Hidup teacher ever for saying I'm not as bright as my sis (true, but I rather not have you point it out to me OK?) and threatening my mate M.C.M that you'll ketuk her kepala with a gandin getah! We rather have Cik M who (apparently still) thinks she's a prophet teach us how to cook, sew and wire up an electronic LED board! Oops!

4] My seniors and juniors are nice - those who let me and J play April's Fool's jokes on them.. Those who lepak-ed with us under the big ketapang trees or the Dataran.. Those who didn't laugh when I did those extra loud announcements via the school's PA system.. Those kind-hearted senior prefects who let me walk in school every morning at 7:40AM instead of 7:20AM..

So for all the cool people in the RPS alumni, let's sing sing song! (C'mon Silverheadbanger I know you still remember it! 3, 4!

Sekolah R P
Jadi banggaan kami
Teruslah maju
Sepanjang zaman
Sebagai sinaran cahya

Dalam mengejar ilmu
Tabah hati selalu
Di bidang sukan persefahaman
Disiplin jangan abaikan

(coda) Kejujuran menghasilkan
Kesempurnaan bakti
Menjadi pedoman kami
Tetap diikuti

Mari penuntut semua
Berusaha hingga jaya
Harumkan nama
Tinggikan cita

Se-ko-lah R P ..

I should really find out who composed this nice little number. It's still one of the most prettiest hauting melodies I've ever heard. Haunted me during schooldays it did. Especially on Sundays cause I know I gotta go to school on Monday and sing it during assembly (it wasn't so beautiful then).

Do I hear calls for encore? Yeah? Return to Coda baby!