Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kes bocor

Aw, c'mon, another tiff in the Parliament and we're paying taxes to pay these shitheads to talk c*ck about women's menses? And another a**hole even remarked he personally thinks the two (retarded) MPs need not apologize.

Can't someone talk about why there's still people living way below poverty line in this country and yet they're funding mat rempits to go jump onto an ice block?

Can't they talk about those Puduraya, Subang and Shah Alam cabbies who rip off people like there's no after life? Or maybe why people need to take three buses instead of one/two just to get to work with the new RAPID "strategy"?

Can't they please address the public education and health concerns? Don't they think the As race is getting a bit too nauseating or suggest that old folks above 65 with no family members should get free health treatment at government hospitals?

I'll be a bit happier if they're bickering about where to build the next high-tech government hospital or how to stop young female teachers from getting hitched right before finishing their last KPLI semester so that they won't be sent to kampungs to teach.

I'll be more happy if they're considering of allowing public arrest on errant cabbies. I'm game for this!

I'll be even more happy if they point out all those VIPs, celebrities and companies who donates a big sum of money and make noise about it so that they can escape tax and gain glamour and look good in front of the gullible. Buat amal pun nak kecoh satu kampung, siap nak sakit hati kalau orang tak tau?

Hish, sometimes I wonder why I still read newspapers when there's more items that "make my blood go upstairs" rather than something to feel happy about?

Oh I remember why.

Once in a while, news such as Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah saying he'll fund his own wedding instead of using the state's money is truly a feel good piece to read.