Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Song for Alvivi

Dear Alvivi,

I know a lot of people in Malaysia and Singapore really hate what you did recently. Some has even take it to hating you guys personally. A girl I know now hates your entire race, everyone in your family including "those distant cousin of yours living in Canada and Australia whom you guys tracked down on Geneology.com" - and she is the office's softie who always signals and checks before changing lanes in her beat up red Kancil!

Me, I guess I didn't like what you did. It made me wonder if you guys went through a bad life so much so it made you did what you did (not to mention the rest of the stuff you guys been doing so far, I mean, sex video is so 1990s, even if Kim K managed to revive the 'let-me-get-famous-via-a-leaked-sexvid' trend after Paris Hilton's quiet down, don't think it can work well again if recycled too many times and too close to the round before, I mean, it didn't work for bell-bottom pants the third time round, did it?).

What you did recently seems very crass, super juvenile and utterly uneducated. I wonder how many more times one can poke the Muslims in this country before some of them decide that enough is enough and retaliate? Prior to this someone already bitched about the call for prayers being too loud despite fully realising that Islam is the official religion of the nation, then another incite an issue regarding the use of the word to describe our Creator, now you guys had to do the Bak-Kut-Teh stunt?

Would you like it if we poke fun at your slanted eyes and preference to use wipes instead of water to clean your crap-laden ass? Or go even further by commenting it is a real waste of money to burn paper-money, paper-cars and paper-iPhones during Cheng Meng? I'm sure you will not like it, right? Cause that would be a personal attack on your physique, your way of life and your thousands of years of culture, no? Will it seem crass, juvenile and educated? Of course! Will it at least be funny? Even I don't think it is. Unless you do? But that would mean there's really something wrong with you.

I had a colleague who laughed condescendingly when he saw some of your old Facebook Page's status (the one where you guys bitch about the government and in the next still went to a government hospital to seek treatment after being robbed, he said if you can bitch about the government so bad yet still take its services, ain't these two the epitome of ungratefulness - I'm not sure where he's going with this but bottom line is this guy now pokes fun of you guys every morning on his GChat) but I can tell that he took joy beating you guys down to hurt your feelings because you guys had hurt his feelings first with the Ramadhan wish. (Gosh, guys are so feeeeeeelings nowadays!)

So, sincerely from me, a Muslim, a Malay, and your fellow Malaysian - in the spirit of Ramadhan that promotes patience, and thought of upcoming Syawal, the month of forgiveness: checkout this song from Marvin Gaye called What's Going On.

Tis a song for you to sing-a-long (please don't include it in any of your upcoming smooch/sex video cause it will ruin the song for me!), hopefully it will help you recover from this hard lesson that you both just learnt.

On Spotify also got. Eh you guys no got Spotify meh?