Sunday, April 27, 2008

That film that everyone still talk about

^ Moi phoot in Langkawi again. For years I don't get to visit the island, and suddenly this year - twice.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?
Or something like that, and I finally got the chance to watch it. Perhaps I missed the first 15 to 20 minutes (busy gossipping with a coupla Chickens, about ex-Chickens and Dogs and Mosquitoes), but I certainly enjoyed the rest of it, even with Jim Carrey being in the centre of it.

20 minutes to 3AM. Egg not yet farted out. Info overload lah. And tired. Ate too much. Drank too little coffee.
Tomorrow's gonna be a long day. Can someone please fart me some eggs?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Chicken on BBB

This Chicken is wasting fart to produce too many eggs. Not that many eggs is a bad thing, but many unsold eggs surely is a bad thing.

Firstly, many unsold eggs means cost on warehousing. Ya lor, where to put so many eggs one? Can break you know. Some more, can go missing.

Secondly, many unsold eggs means a lot of people calling asking, "Dude, where's your egg with our name on it?" How to answer you tell me?

Thirdly, many unsold eggs simply means a lot of farting and no money. Malay people usually sum such situation as, "Mengabihkan boreh!" (Wasting rice only!) So tired from farting eggs, all for nothing, get my drift?

Too bad that Farmer only sells eggs farted out by beloved chickens only. Ones of blue blood, good breed, capable of cackling l*** jokes..

So who am I to question the way things are in the coop? This Chicken might as well go on the BBB mode.

BBB la bang, not BBQ. Though BBQ chicken doesn't sound half bad!

Noooo, BBB does not stand for brilliant breed bird... sorry, the BBB mode is one term that has nothing to do with aspiration nor motivation. It has more to do with the opposite of those.

This Chicken will give you three guesses.

What? Beautiful bountiful bird?
No. Just so you know, no bird was used in making up the term.

Blatantly bitchy biter?
No lah. I wish. But I know where you're coming from, it's cause I said opposite, and no bird used right? Last guess?

Boleh blahlah bengong!
Uiyo! Now that's a cool guess. This Chicken wishes for such grand courage to say that out loud to the deserved crowd. But we're not called Chicken for nothing you know.

People say it is better to get wild, get angry, get whiny, get mad when things don't happen your way. Like This Chicken farting as best as possible and yet none of the eggs produced were appreciated, should I be doing one of the above?

But This Chicken has decided to just buat-buat bodoh, (voila! BBB!) now isn't that just sad?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken's stock, Chicken stock

This Chic Chicken always claim she vill rot in the coop.

Why shouldn't I? After all non-Chickens are being sent to lay eggs by Farmer Wannabe, like the coop can't survive without them, like they don't have anything better to do.

But maybe it is because This Chicken has been so malas to do her job lately. Hey laying eggs is more than just a farting business you know, takes effort, takes concentration.. Must be in zen to do it!

It's not that I've been so malas. I do do lay eggs. Sometimes up to three a day! If that's not productivity I don't know what is! It's just that I maaaalas nak send the eggs into the basket.

The Farmer should come and pick it up! Isn't that part of the job scope for farmers who could not get his chickens to behave? So meantime the eggs might as well be in moi safekeeping, things do go missing around here after all. It's plain warehousing. It's Chicken's stock!

And in the meantime This Chicken will stock up on eggs so that each time Farmer makes his round, I'll throw one down just to "pop shuvit", "grand slam-it".

Maybe I won't rot. I'll just be well-cooked, boiled over and over again, turn mushy then grainy then gravy and in the end, becomes chicken stock. You know cooks tend to freeze chicken stock in ice cube trays and use a couple of cubes everytime they cook, useful eh?

OK this is just me trying to look busy in the coop. I'm on a mental day off. Yosh!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sleepy Chicken..

Chicken is sleepy. Chicken got so many things to do in the coop. Chicken got too many eggs to lay. Chicken tired. Chicken planning mutiny. Oh, Chicken is too tired even for something as sneaky as mutiny.

Another chicken will soon fly away from the coop. That chicken can't take it anymore. That chicken can take some more money though. So soon, one more chicken will be gone. (By that time another Chicken-themed entry will be posted by This Chicken, titled Chicken down or Chicken downsized or Less Chicken. Maybe Chicken A.W.O.L.L (absent without love loss) sounds good too.

In any case, this sleepy, tired, overworked Chicken is going to Langkawi again and Bali soon after. Yep, This Chicken is willing to take up all the nasty egg-laying business as long as she gets away from the coop and get to missout on all the horrendous pep-up-lay-us-more-eggs meetings.

At this point of time, laying eggs away from the coop is the best way out. God help This Chicken so she will hear no more of "There's not much of a workload now that we're shipping egg carts once a week ye Cik Chicken ye.." and "Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?" comments from the Farmer.

Oh sure This Chicken have seven eggs not laid with deadlines passed last Monday. Who cares? Certainly not This Chicken who only wants to leave herself a bigger room for improvement!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hallo again Armand Maulana, yes aku masih bujang

^ There he was, the Encik Armand giving me his best!
Gigi was back in town last March 15, 2008 to entertain the Sunburst crowd and I got four free tickets from a lovely angel called Lyn. I would've bought the tickets on my own but I was assigned to go to Langkawi and did not know if I would be back in time for the massive gig. Lucky me, I got my butt back in town in the nick of time.
There I was, together in the hot sun with Band Superfriends, Tun Sri Ling and the rest of the good times mates. And there he was, Encik Armand Maulana yang uber super cool, and he looked right at me (OK it might've been my sis he looked at but we're sharing credits since only he and God knows who he was lookin' at really) during the o-oo-o-oo-wo chorus and he asked, "Masih bujang ya?"

And sorry lah Incubus, John Legend and Incognito - buka baju or not you guys were really cool yet we found ourselves rockin' harder to Search and Gigi and Hujan and whaddahel, Pop Shuvit and Disco Mafia.. But do come back Mr Legend, and take me on the stage next time around.