Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Gatal rhymes with Chagal

And I only said that because the Chagal will always remind me of the gatal-gatal I got after I saw his early works in that nice village restaurant up on a hill. The hill we trekked up when the wind was blowing a chill lower than 2 degree Celcius which made my skin go dry and all itchy.

Chagal and Picasso of course. After all the same restaurant was where they hung out and had their work hanged as payment for their food during their early days. But Picasso doesn't rhyme with gatal, so Chagal it is.

Gatal- gatal, is that all I can tell you about my recent adventure? Well, not quite. Can also tell you that:

1] Cote de Azur literally means "blue coast".

2] Cezanne managed to sit for a year of law school before devoting himself to art.

3] Wearing Converse shoes is a Parissien thing to do.

4] They may say tap water in Nice is drinkable, but really dude, tis not.

5] Three types of wine are usually served with meals, white, red and rose, but some people will only get Evian all the time (like me!).

6] The Charles De Gaulle airport is 40 minutes and 8 Euro away from central Paris, and we thought KLIA was bad!

7] Most perfume sold by popular brands like Issey Miyake, Gio and Ralph Lauren were made in Grasse, a small French-Riviera town located 30 minutes from Cannes, where some 2,000 men and women work in perfume factories.

8] French guys are not all tall, some are just about my height (5'4).

9] On the streets of Paris, Cannes, Nice and Aix en Provence, you'll see more dogs than cat. In fact if you didn't see any cat for a week, that's normal. And unfortunately you'll likely be less trendy than these dogs too, unless you wear Converse.

10] The French way to pronounce the designer brand YSL is "Ee Si Loghr-ghront" while La Croix sounded something more like "La Quah".

11] And yep tis true. The French hated it if you speak English. You'll get wrong directions, bad service and cold looks, so say Bonjour! then feel free to speak Malay.