Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good luck, good health, God bless you

This morning my carpool mate and I started our journey to office quite early. As she was turning into the road that leads to my office, a Wira from the opposite lane swerved swiftly, trying to overtake an Iswara which was going too slow for her.

Yes, the Wira driver is a female, a female with one hand on the handphone trying to SMS and the other barely touching the steering wheel. My carpool mate was quick enough to step on the brakes causing both of us to choke on the safety belt, and the Wira managed to avoid us by inches.

We quickly elapsed into a mantra of curses, hoping that the Spell of Seven Years of Bad Luck we had chanted for her will quickly be carried by the wind and gets sucked in to the air-cond duct of the Wira, which was fast escaping behind us.

Before we could start the next level of bad mantra (we were thinking of sending her the Spell of One Thousand Bad Hair Day and Spell of Chasing DBKL Compound), we saw the Iswara on the opposite lane had actually stopped and started to honk at us, not loudly nor madly, but rather musically, you know, that friendly little half-pressed honk-honk-honk just to get our attention.

My carpool mate rolled down her window. "Apehal lak ni?" I muttered under my breath.

"Are you two OK?" asked the guy in the Iswara. My carpool mate went "Aa?"

"Yes, yes, thank you. You OK?" I asked, slightly surprised that he was concerned enough to stop and ask, right in the middle of the not quite busy road.

"Ya ya, I'm OK. Have a good day!" he smiled as he spoke, at the same time rolling up his window and his car started to move.

My carpool mate quickly got her car back on the go, and we were silent for a while.

"That's really nice of him!" I finally said as we were approaching my office building.

"Very! I wish him good luck, good health.."

".. God bless him!" I sang the finishing line.

It strikes me how quickly we react to bad things that happened to us, and how a gesture of kindness got us speechless - had we become so unaccustomed to good things that when something nice happened, we just didn't know how to react anymore?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Can't really answer if anyone asks me what I think of these two events. Can't see if anything good came out of it. Can't believe people still try this kind of method (which everyone knows will end up like a twisted circus) to get their message across.

Seems like a waste of time because if they seek to get noticed, they got noticed as jammakers - them and their cause defined all wrong. In the latter event they seek to deliver a letter of demand but in the end they faxed it - it really got people wondering whadduh?

An old-timer sitting next to us during lunch simply said, "If you don't like it, don't agree with it, do something smart about it, don't make things worse. If you're just gonna sit there whining and complaining when you yourself had not done any good for anyone, you might as well crawl back into your hole. A lot of people are better off without your bad ideas and bad attitude."

I can agree with that.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nobody's perfect?

Recently I was told during an evalution process, no perfect score will be given.

Not cause nobody's perfect. Rather, the top score is not given in order to leave a bigger room for improvement.

Wow. That kinda went down twisted and wrong into my brain. I'm afraid after hearing such thing, my sub-conscious is now lowering my own standards in doing things, just so I could have that bigger room left for improvement.

You see..

.. if I had been washing three loads of my own and my household's kain busuk every week, my sub-conscious is now telling me to wash only two loads. So that the room for improvement will be bigger.

I mean, by lowering my wash load to twice a week, anytime I manage to make three, I'm already on the road to bigger things! Despite that three was actually my normal standard.

.. if I had been washing my own load and other people's kain busuk all this while, my sub-conscious is now telling me to not to bother about other people's load.

So if anytime I manage to clean theirs as well, I'm already improving in terms of my own standard of generousity. Despite that washing everyone's kain busuk was actually what I was sincerely doing before this.

.. if I had been washing and putting some softener in my washload (which used to include other people's kain busuk as well, well maybe once in a while it will again whenever I'm in the mood for increased level of generousity), my sub-conscious is now telling me not to put softener in anymore.

So - not only my room for improvement becomes even bigger, and my level of generousity higher, but even my personal body odour will also becomes less stinkier whenever I rise to the occasion to put softener in. That, I believe, would be one hell of a perfect score!

See what I mean?