Monday, July 11, 2011

Maybank oh Maybank (Part II)

Thank you Maybank for responding to my complaint, which I lodge over the e- facilities at

And thank you to Ms Norhashima of Maybank Taman Midah for responding to me with high level of competency, professionalism and my, oh, my, sincere budi bahasa. What a rare thing manners are nowadays, and I note with great pleasure that there are still folks who practice it! It is exactly what I had hoped from Maybank.

Let me tell you what happened.

On Monday (today), around 6PM I got a call on my mobile phone and Ms Norhashima kindly tackled my complaint in a very organised manner.

She first checked if I am the person who lodge the complaint.

Then she reinvestigated the incident of which I spoke of.

Next, she asked if my coins were correctly deposited.

After which, she assured me that such incident will not happen again, and even if they are busy and have to instruct customers to simply trust the staff on duty to bank in the coins on their behalf and leave without receiving the customer copy of the deposit slip, the staff on duty will do their best to assure customers that no hanky panky will take place.

And when I suggested that it doesn't hurt to have the staff being more polite the next time, Ms Norhashima said the bank will take my complaint positively and act accordingly.

I also alerted Ms Norhashima about the poor old uncle slapping down passbooks in anger at the front desk. She was surprised that the front desk girl did not conduct a specific set of steps that has been set by the bank for such cases. Thus she said no wonder the uncle got mad, and that is such a shame cause Maybank actually has a fixed procedure for such cases.

Since I got a chance to help the bank improve, I also told Ms Norhashima of the previous incident which happened to me before, regarding opening a bank account for company use. Again she was surprised why the staff on duty, (a certain Mr L but I didn't tell her that) did not inform us the right procedure and instead we were forced to come to the bank four times before something as straightforward as opening a bank account could be completed.

We parted on a high note, and I thank her for her kind and swift response to my complaint. Maybank, I think you should reward Ms Norhashima for her skills and courage in following up on a fussy customer like me :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Maybank oh Maybank

Sometimes I wish the Coop I work for will change its directions and switch to another bank to deliver our monthly pay. Right now we're stuck with the biggest bank in the country, Maybank.

Man... where do I start. Not that I think the bank's service is very bad, but in certain branches the staff tend to be the kind of people you wish you never met.

Take today for example.

There we were, in Maybank Taman Midah just under ten minutes after the bank opened its doors for business. With a bag of coins to deposit.

We went up a floor to where the counters are and saw someone inside Counter 7, where the coin counter machine is in operation.

That someone came out quicker than we thought. Just as we were about to enter, one fine-dressed man beat us to it.

Now why isn't Counter 7 added as part of the bank's queue system?

Then the kiasu fellow also came out quicker than we expected.

We entered, thinking "Wow, the staff on duty must have been very efficient to service its 3rd customer before the clock hits 9.45AM."

We gave our deposit slip and bag of coin. The woman on duty took it.

"OK yew keluar," she said after placing the bag under the counter, shooing us out like we're a couple of hens.


"Yew bole keluar sekarang." She shooed us again.

"What about my deposit?"

"Nanti saya masuk yew punya duit
. I'm busy now." She promised us, sounding just like a mama-san giving orders to one of working girls.

"What about my deposit slip? Then how will I know if I counted correctly, or if you've found some foreign coins?"

"Nemmind, I will do everything for yew. You no need to stay."

"Eh, cannot lah like this. I want to make sure my coins are safely deposited."

"Yew takmau yew boleh angkat la yew punya duit," she challenged crossly.

Wow, how about that, huh?

So we went down and tried asking the front desk staff if they can help us with this situation. The front desk guys were busy trying to pacify one old man who seemed to be quite peeved over something. And suddenly the old man slapped down two passbooks in front of the two staff.

"BLA BLA BLA!!!" said the old man in Cantonese. Everyone dropped what they were doing the moment the old man shouted. "BLA BLA BLA!!!" he went again and more people peered from inside the office.

He then collected his passbooks and went out.

Just then a guy in a three-piece suit hobbled out, pretending to look for the old man. "Where is he? What happened?" he asked, peering out through the glass doors.

"He was asking to update his books, but he got angry." said the frontdesk staff, who don't seemed to be that upset over the situation.

We decided that the branch has had enough angry fellows for the day. So we quietly inquired our problem, and was told that what the Counter 7 staff did is "normal".

We kept thinking that such a practice is not a good one cause the staff can easily swindle money - though it would be quite unpractical to smuggle coins but hey, it still can be done and coins are still money. A little from each customer can get you quite a big sum at the end of the day.

Bottom-line is, it is just not professional.

We figured we just had to let this one go and have faith that Maybank staff in Taman Midah branch (as well as others) are a bunch of trustworthy folks, even if some are a bit rude (or unintentionally rude, perhaps just can't speak good English or Bahasa Malaysia).

With that we approached the branch's cash deposit machine and started to deposit some cash. Just as the machine confirmed the amount of the bills we've put in, we hit the confirmed button.

And waited. (For it to confirm our deposit.)

And waited. (For it to dispense the receipt.)

And after a bit more waiting, finally a receipt came out and told us that we need to approach the bank to confirm that our bills have safely been deposited.

We looked at the queue in front of the front desk, a flock of customers had suddenly started to create a long line.

Apparently all the machines had gone offline.

Sigh... Another round at the front desk.

And we were not the only ones have a complaint... Check this link...