Tuesday, February 21, 2006

PGLM extended - I knew it!

Except that I still don't know if I'll get tickets - the IB line has been busy since I started calling this morning...

The only thing I can do right now is be a Malaysian - If got, got lah. If no got, no got lah.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine oh Valentine

Yesterday I saje-saje caught a photo of my friend, who was mengelamun again as usual (she really digs mengelamuning for some odd reason and even tell people ahead if she's about to lapse into a session so that we won't bother her till she's done - beat that!).

As advised via the speaker on Mobile Film Clinic (hosted by Nokia and Discovery Networks Asia), I placed my friend slightly off-centre on the "right thirds of the grid" plus gave her some "looking room" - that achieved, and I managed to capture a couple in action as well:

^ My mengelamuning friend is not the guy who has that nicely rounded, balding head nor the siamese twin joined at the crotch.

Sigh, they've prolly caught the Valentine's bug. Looks like Asians on the street have truly embraced that popular TV culture, public show of affection and such... Funnylah, when we don ketayap, light pelitas and ask for money in red packets we call it staying true to our Oriental culture, but is that the extent of it?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wedding in the digital era

I recently attended a friend's wedding, and look how high-tech we've all become...

^ Nak pergi Teluk Intan je, tapi siap guna GPS module tuh...

^ Video/photographers with manual SLRs still stand out but me from my seat can catch some cool shots too with my trusty ol' cameraphone..

Monday, February 06, 2006

Message in the ang pows

The Dog Year, from what I've gathered from conversations here and there, is a year that requires one to work harder. True enough - when I didn't work hard collecting ang pow from my favourite Oriental uncles, I was rewarded with a measly RM10 of total collection.

RM10! That's 50% decline from my previous year's achievement!

If red packets be considered as a sign of times to come, I'll say we're heading for a rough year ahead. With oil prices expected to reach the three figure per barrel and the government's subtle hints that they can no longer increase subsidies... go figure.

A friend emphasized, "I even got a packet that has RM4 in it, can you believe it?! It's like saying death is a better option than the future that lies ahead! Siau hoh!"

Luckily being a Malay, RM4 doesn't carry a bad omen for me. In fact the number is actually, sincerely and mathematically 50% better than the RM2 I got from the nice biscuit lady at the Gunung Rapat market (not that I'm ungrateful, just being analytical here).

Hence generously I offered, "Hey if you don't want it, I can take care of it for you..." She didn't surrender that particular ang pow she was talking about, though, but at least I tried.