Friday, April 29, 2005

Those ads are calling me...

Flick through today's NST, Berita Harian, Malay Mail and Harian Metro and you'll see there's lots of attractive ads - no, I'm not talking about the colourful DiGi or Motorola ads, though those are good to peruse.

Check out the Habib Diamond Extravaganza ad... Those nicely designed jewelry at unbelievable price - wish I have enough to buy a pair of earrings for my mom!

And the C.Mammoth, Redhot and other furniture ads - man, I'm dying to get myself a sofa or sofabed! Especially when there's so much going on on the telly nowadays.

And the Kawanku and other electrical stores ads - a washing machine at RM99! And hairdryers at less than RM10! When it is the seasons your peers and cousins get married, tis time to check these ads out to get some gift ideas!

Speaking of which I've been missing a couple of weddings already due to work - yes nowadays sometimes I work during weekends. Let me also note here that I sometimes don't work on weekdays. So all's fair in the publication realm.

Another friend's getting married on Labours' Day. From her brief explanation it seemed like the wedding is a family arrangement kinda thing. Isn't that sweet.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How far can you go?

Just a posting to test wether flickr is better than fotopages... Have tried the latter but nowadays the pix doesn't come out on this site as consistently as I'd like em to be. So now trying flickr, to see if it's better.

Just a couple of photos for this "pilot project".. See how it goes...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Still life on canvas

Why do some people paint apples and grapes placed in a bowl next to the vase of sunflowers? Why do some people paint old bicycle with petai and rambutans on the gelegar?

Kenapa some employees stare at their CRT screens as if Sex on the City is on? Kenapa some employees type away on their keyboard as if she's writing a Dear John letter?

OK OK, I'm bored, and that's official. In the most literal manner.

Wish I could have Frampton Nuttel come and visit me so that I can play the Bertie trick on him. Wish Roald Dahl would take me in his car and the Fingersmith would let me see how he pinched the writer's shoelaces off his pedal-pushing feet.

Wish I was there on the beach when Woodsworth's eye caught a glimpse of the dancing daffodils. Wish I was Den Wahab's assistant so that I can help him sew on some sequins.

I'm bored. Someone please ask me out for tea!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Writer's block! Pathetic, really...

How many times have I been to this corner of my mind? The corner that says "Yer havin writer's block and yer not doin anythin about it". The corner that says "Go ahead, go and layanlah your pathetic lazyness, see if that works".

And what did I do after realizing that I'm giving in to my habit of procrastinating? I went and signed up for a CPR course, yep, yep, that's what I did. Ah hah.

In retrospect, I could deduce my rash action as a sub-concious reaction to my current condition - and CPR specifically is a symbolism of my inner being trying to get out of my lousy predicament.

Which means, when I signed up for CPR - you know, the course in which people learn how to give first phase rescue treatment for the injured in cases of emergencies - the person I was really trying to save is myself. My self that's dying in the lake of whine, drowned in the sea of laze and blinded by clouds of despair.

Yeah, I could say that. Sounds appropriate, sounds logical, sounds analytical in fact. Sounds as if I've been doing some serious thinking.

But I won't. I won't give any excuse for my behaving so irresponsibly. I shall own up.

I am currently feeling extremely takde mood to write any travel piece story, and I signed up for the CPR course cause I'll get a sijil afterwards (though I don't collect sijils as a hobby, it'll be proof of me exploiting my time with the coop productively).

Abis cerita.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The training, the earthquake and Monkey Business

So I went for this "Development of Professional Image" training right. And managed to pick up a thing or two (more than that actually) that I could use in my daily routine.

Among the discoveries:
1] Grooming: Don't have expensive clothes? Don't sweat it (literally), can still concentrate in maintaining cleanliness and tidyness till the next fat bonus (if there's any uwaa...) + sales carnival arrives.

2] Dining: Knives and spoons on your right, forks on your left - work your way outside in. Wrist on the table alright, forearms not quite, elbows no-no.

3] Speaking: No swearing, no tasteless jokes, no politics, no religion, no personal (age, weight, income).

But what I don't want to do is use make-up. Setakat powder and lip-gloss I can tolerate. Free mascara also can lah from time to time. But full-fledge foundation, lipstick, eye-shadow, blusher, eyeliner... alamak... berat la. Costly on top of that!

Nevermind, you concentrate on what you can and want to do, the ones you cannot don't give up on it yet, give it some more time. Now that's what I've summarized from the training. (Bet the trainer won't agree, but I'll let her do that.)

And so I was in a parked car, in front of McD's drive-through in Setiawangsa right, when the earthquake happened. Tremor I felt, but seated I remained in the car, and confused I did become. (I don't understand why so many people thought they pening kepala, when the shaking definately feels external?)

At first - since I was left alone in the car while my cute date went to drop some speakers and stands belonging to his friend in the studio opposite before he sends me home - I thought "Mamat mana lak dok menempek bontot kat kereta orang ni? Kot iye pun jangan la henyak kuat-kuat mek oi.."

But when I turned and found no one messing around, not a single butt pressed to the Putra's bumper - I got a bit scared. When the tremors continued, stronger on top of that for a few seconds more, and I got scared even more.

If you've been to Pantai Timur via Karak highway, someone's bound to tell you about an urban legend aka highway ghost story which involves a man getting hauled onto his rosak car and bashed by a hideous-hairy-creature and the wife in the passenger seat could hear the thonking sound coming from above.

So don't blame me if I thought a ghastly werewolf had landed above the Putra I was in OK?

I quickly double-check if the car is locked. The tremor then became milder, and my date came back. Reflecting now I realized that everything happened within a very short span of time, really.

He asked me why I looked so "off-white". Ha ha. Told him that something scared me for a bit but I don't know what, and he said no worries cause he's back. Apparently he was too caught up in replying a client's SMS that he didn't noticed the ground was moving under his feet.

When I got home I flicked on 8TV on just to listen to songs while I kemas-kemas a bit before going to bed - that's when I found out that a 8+ earthquake had occurred. Then one of the chatters said there's a live news coverage on NTV7, so naturally I switched channel...

And I saw Monkey Business at Actor's Studio last night with BC and two architects - 5.5/10 - that's my rating. I especially like the second last piece. Maybe I'm more of a dialogue-matters kind of audience...

I also caught ASK dance student's final sem performance - twas good, the only slack was that some of their friends in the audience did not give them due respect - quite a spoiler when someone shout out a dancer's name then have the guy on stage twitch nervously when he is already a nervous wreck. But hey, you get all kinds of audience, so it's a good practice for them.