Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bloggers in headlines for wrong reasons

Let's just be clear about something.

My definition of a blogger is a person who is:
1. .. in love with writing
2. .. have something to say (to him/herself or to the world)
3. .. responsible for everything he/she wrote

My definition of a gobblogger is a person who is:
1. .. basically an idiotic, unthinking coward who thinks he/she's being brazen and brave
2. .. have something to say but it is not worth saying because it is the result of shallow thinking
3. .. not taking responsibility of what he/she posted

Of recent the word blogger has been in the main headlines for all the wrong reasons, so much so the government wants to introduce a new legislation which involves serious, serious penalties as result to irresponsible publishing.

It appears as if some bloggers out there think it is cool to flame others - government, religion, race, royalties not spared! (Er.. not that I think the Kinabatangan MP deserves to be spared.) Even if you have a so-called constructive criticism to air, please, be responsible when going about it, and do it with the utmost respect of the involved party.

If with what you publish your only aim is to sincerely want to make things better, I'm sure there's a way to do it sensitively, tactfully, diplomatically, no?

If more bloggers become gobbloggers sooner or later there's not gonna be any room for casual bloggers like me, your lovely ol' Pastensu gal to write her thoughts out on small items she finds interesting in the newspaper anymore. Now that's a sad thought!

Imagine reading today's Berita Harian Sentral's report then not being able to talk about how weird it is that they chose to change the name of the district of Batang Berjuntai to Bestari Jaya? That's like an itch you can't scratch, argh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buzzing off to Pastensu?

In holiday mood? Here's what you can do to fake it at the office on those few last days before you get on that plane and buzz off to Pastensu:

1] Blog. It's been a while since your last update anyway. So type away and try to look busy before ol' boss give you something new to do.

2] If you're gonna do research on the place you're about to visit, don't. Not in the office. Maybe a bit excusable if you're into it during lunchtime, but as your colleagues return, kill the webpage. They'll know about all your trip within minutes and suddenly you have to buy them souvenirs, and you're already broke after plane and dorm bookings.

3] Eat a bit. Not too much. You might as well get slightly bit thinner in order to appreciate the upcoming meals you're gonna be having while you're on your trip. Besides, it will condition your stomach to behave while being fed less than usual, just in case you cannot swallow most of the things you're offered to eat.

4] Clear off all that back log. Yes, we're talking about those assignments you've got hidden under your big butt all these while - yep yep they need to be done. That way no one from office will call you and that'll save yer a lot if you're gonna be roaming.

5] Tidy your desk. Anything you think someone might need while you're gone, put it where they can easily find it without having to call you or snoop around your personal stash.

6] Off your desk, grab a pen, the tiniest notepad you can find, some rubberbands and safety pins - these might come in handy during your trip. See, you can start packing even when you're still at the office! Smart huh. Heheh.

7] Start composing your I'm-out-of-the-office automatic reply on your Inbox. Er, scrape that!