Friday, June 09, 2006

Wah... music everywhere..

Check this out man... (Thought my last post from this really expensive city should be memorable so...)

^ Come sing-sing-sing-a-long with this toilet bowl...

And these are for guys out there...

^ City girl - just one of them here, waiting for someone at the "loyal dog" statue. Yess.. kisah seekor anjing setia yang bernama Hatchinko.

^ Working city girls riding the Metro line... black seems to be the only corporate colour around here.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Outside the window on the 8th floor by...

... day!

^ These guys were cleaning up my bedroom window at 10+AM this morning, sporting enough to smile as I took time off to press the shutter. Behind them some kind of construction is going on, tis a good thing they showed up to beautify the scenery. Two of them here so one for Kak Mazni, one for Intan loh!

... night!

^ I wish the view outside my window is this nice, but no, I have to go to the lift area to get this nice city lights.. This one's for Tauke Ling who should be here to shop with me and bear the sakit kaki!

Anatawa is-so connected-to!

Getting Internet connection - at a place where you've never set foot before, a place where kind strangers can't really talk to you, a place where your 2G handphone can't roam, a place where you have no one to call a friend, a place where you feel sooooo seorang like that, plus the fact that you're there not for fun but work - is always an omen of a good start.

OK lah so I got Internet connection, what's so great about that huh. Try 30mbps zooming in the moment you plug in the RJ-45. Yeah baby yeah, that's what I'm talking about! The photo I posted here is a 2048 pixel thingy and guess how many seconds it took for me to upload it up to Blogger - 3 seconds (1 Mississippi...).

The bus was just turning to the place I wanted to arrive at, get some sleep.. and already got hal loh... Check my next photo, it is of a guy being stopped by a security officer - gosh hope he's not in trouble - or maybe he is being a nuisance so... but the reason i quickly snapped was out of admiration to the kawai-ne girl behind him, yep she's stickin with her man no matter what. Heehhee bet my photojournalism teacher might like my photo here...

^ Wonder what really happened up there - was about 9.30AM local time then. People in black suits (literally - I mean, everyone seems to be in black suits here) were just getting to work and these two youngsters are already in a situation. Hope tis nothing serious and we all can live happily ever after again. Wonder if you guys can see that the girl is actually looking dead straight at the camera.. Jangan marah beb! Wa tershutterfrenzied..