Thursday, April 28, 2011

Missing Jamiroquai

It's been a while since I had a dose of Jay Kay.

Back then when I was still dancing to Canned Heat and King for a Day, Jay Kay was my muse each time writer's block hits. Now, I simply drink coffee like regular folks whenever my brain refuse to work.

Speaking of Jay Kay, read online that his last gig was quite a blast, in spite of his lack of fitness from too-much-partying lifestyle. Ah well he is 42 this year.

I'm still harbouring hopes that one of these days he'll come down Malaysia for a quiet little do and I'll finally get to see him live. If it had to come down to Genting Group bringin him in to blow 52 candles on his yoghurt birthday cake, I'd still pay for that.

But in any case please, concert organisers, STOP BRINGING IN MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK! I don't care if they're 25 minutes early!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Farmer, thy is like tis annoying mosquito

Oh how this Chicken pines for some peace within the Coop.

Last couple of weeks, the Farmer annoyed the heck out of this Chicken so much so this Chicken do not know what to say when come the weekend, the Farmer got the cheek to ask This Chicken for help. As if all the sarcasm that went into Farmer's speech a few days before that weekend didn't happen.

C'mon! R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Is that too much to ask.

And today. Today the morning started so nicely for this Chicken and the Farmer had to ruin it again by doing another booboo.

First at 10AM this Chicken got a wire saying, "Go here. 1PM. Fart eggs."

So this Chicken replied the wire, "Please give more details about 'here'. Where's 'here' exactly?"

No reply to this wire.

This Chicken tried calling for more details. No one answered.

Oh-kay. How do we do this, think Chicken, think. So says Chicken to meself.

This Chicken tried calling other Chickens. A few calls and no one seems to know about this particular egg-thing.

Finally this Chicken went to the general whereabouts of 'here'. Spent 30 minutes combing the bloody building then finally found what seems like a potential egg-thing happening.

Thank goodness it was the right 'here'. And I guess thank you Farmer for giving this Chicken a chance to exercise, window shop, consider reflexology in between and fart an egg out.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy Birthday ma fwen

Here's an open wish to my friend, Jem, for her 33rd birthday. And hope you've gotten over that can of sardine I got you for your 14th birthday years ago..

p/s: Happy birthday Gila-Gila!