Monday, April 23, 2007

Flying saucer route

^ I love this pix. Took it using my new Sony on 30/3/2007 8:45AM Malaysian time.

Was aboard UA OHare -> HKG and busy getting mad at a United Airways stewardess to notice that I just caught the sunset with three flying saucers buzzing by.

Either that or I was really tired due to the 6.5 hour delay we had to endure at OHare.

OK la. I was too distracted cause I found out that I'll have to spend a night at HKG and not get back to KL on schedule. Pretending to be totally "preoccupaiyed" with your gadget is way better than bawling your eyes out.

Besides, I sobbed through the last half of that Japanese film Udon on an earlier flight and used up all my credit limits for public show of sorrow.

Don't think they're flying saucers though. But I was still within the US airspace. And we all know all UFOs go to US and all Ultramen live in Japan.

Monday, April 16, 2007

No fulus, no story

A native of Lexington met up with a foreigner from Ipoh recently:

Lexington babe: Whatca want in your omelette, honey?

Ipoh mali: Some mushroom and capsicum please, thank you.

Lexington babe: And what, honey?

Ipoh mali: Capsicum? Er.. that one.

Lexington babe: That's pepper, honey. So what brings you to Kentucky?

Ipoh mali: I'm supposed to find out (tooot!) and send a story back to Kuala Lumpur. But everything's embargoed. Can't shop either, cause I don't have much money and stuff are expensive here.

Lexington babe: Yes, certain things are expensive, but not horse s*** though! Hee hee! So you've got no money and no story, what are ya gonna do, honey?

Ipoh mali: Tangkap gambar la sweetie.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How many KFCs are there in Kentucky?

I dunno. A lot maybe. But I only saw one. A tiny one. The rest are all Wendy's, Arby's, McDonalds, Subway... White Castle even!

Maybe everyone in Kentucky has their own secret recipe so Colonel Sanders didn't think it was worth it to have so many branches there.

And everyone is called "Honey" or "Sweetie" there. So forget names, even though a foreigner there you may be.

If you get lost, just call out, "Hi there honey, do you know how I can get back to Radisson Plaza Hotel from here?" Someone on the street's bound to say, "Right this way, sweetie."

Yep, apart from great but rare fried chicken and friendly people, the Bluegrass state also has lots of horses. Lots. But none will come near you unless they're on duty at the Kentucky Horse Park.

And it is a waste to send a non-drinker to the multiple award-winning bourbon factory Buffalo Trace Distillery. "No, I ain't drinkin even if you shove me a 20-year old bourbon to my nose, Freddie honey." (Freddie's our tour guide at the distillery.)

And Macy's, thanks for the USD27 Levi's 501s. Mates back home really loved it. Wish there was more cash for those nice smellin' Victoria Secret sprays that was on sale for 6 bottles at USD30.

Now, if only it didn't have to be three flights in and three flights out for the return trip from KL to Lexington, Kentucky. That's 41 hours worth of flying, 8 hours of transit and 7 hours of delay plus two sad films!