Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farmer, Farmer, where art thou (head/brain/IQ)?

So Farmer just asked This Chicken to start farting eggs on this new app called Sweeter.

Farmer: From now on, not all eggs need to be farted out as usual. Some will be pushed to Sweeter.

This Chicken: Which ones should go on Sweeter? And which ones to go as usual?

Farmer: Er, which ones do you think should go on Sweeter?

This Chicken: Er, Brown Eggs stuff? Cause they tend to be smaller than Big Brown Eggs?

Farmer: OK. Brown Eggs then. So how do you do it? You have a plate thing that can do Sweeter right?

This Chicken: No, all I have is a regular plate.

Farmer: You ask lah some plate maker to give you a plate that can do Sweeter.

This Chicken: Ask who?

Farmer: Whoever, just tell em you need a Sweeter-friendly plate.

This Chicken: Me, ask those big plate makers? Why would they give me any? I'm a nobody.

Farmer: OK, you ask, then I'll follow up.

This Chicken: And who do we Sweeter-talk to? Whose gonna eat those Sweetened eggs?

Farmer: Everyone la. Just push to everyone on the Clouds.

This Chicken: Er, you know Sweeter works when you actually have folks Sweetened to you. If you don't have Sweetened folks, you'd be farting eggs, but no one will eat them.

Farmer: Can't it be a one-road to heaven kinda thing?

This Chicken: Of course you can, but the eggs will be in the clouds and no one will know about it because there's a gazillion stuff on the Clouds. When this happens, how do you tell Bigger Farmers that your farted eggs on Sweeter has been eaten by anyone at all?

Farmer: Really? Hmm. But can be done, right?

This Chicken: If you like. Fart as much as we can on many plates. Sure, but the issue here - to ensure our necks don't get slaughtered, don't you need to prove your eggs are gobbled up? Isn't that the goal - that you fart eggs on many plates, usual and Sweeter so that more people eat our eggs and in turn our necks gets awarded with some diamond studs?

Farmer: Hmm. OK why not you fart out those issues and I'll tell em Bigger Farmers.

This Chicken: (NO, CAUSE THAT'S YOUR THING TO FART, NOT MINE. I JUST FART REGULAR BROWN EGGS ON REGULAR PLATES.) Er, no lah. I think you are better at doing it.

In case you didn't know what's happenning by the end of this post, call me.