Tuesday, March 01, 2011


As Chickens in the Coop flap our wings excitedly at the notion of big bags of Chicken Feed, This Chicken knows not to expect too much. And true enough, as the big bags of Chicken Feed were distributed, only a lil sum ended up near This Chicken's dwelling space.

The Big Farmers said there's bound to be lots for every Chicken alive, but This Chicken knows it is all, well, pretty much 'talk-cock'. And only those who talks cock get most of the stuff inside the big bags of Chicken Feed.

After years of farting brown eggs, This Chicken knows exactly what she deserves, and she deserves it, really.

Like a few extra bags of Chicken Feed is such a big thing. It isn't. Not when This Chicken knows the kind of brown eggs she's been farting out is not exactly hot stuff. Otherwise This Chicken might be one of those Chickens who are right now angered by what lil sum that they've gotten for the brown eggs they've farted out.

Sigh. When will these Chickens learn? When will they stop trusting the words of the Farmers and Big Farmers and Bigger Farmers? That only the akhem, Loved Chickens like Lil Napo and Blue Eyed Boy will get most of the Chicken Feed? That unless you're willing to do the akhem, kepak fanning, you'll never get to be a Loved Chicken?

That whatever else extra you get down here in this Coop is good enough as it is. That is, if you're just a Chicken like me.