Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicken talks about dasar pandang ke Donkey

Dasar pandang ke Donkey is actually is very practical approach to adopt while working in the Coop, as This Chicken can safely tell you. The dasar pandang part already suggests that you should follow the best example, and the ke Donkey pretty much sums up the fact that the Donkey is the best example to follow, as of right now.

I mean, why bother with doing any egg-laying activities when your eggs will end up not collected, not used and not sold by the Farmer?

Why is that happenning, you may ask? Well it is because the Farmer has his lovely pets, Lil Napoleanina and The Other to rely on for eggs. Not that they're bad chickens themselves, more of not the right kind of chickens for the Coop if you must ask for my humble opinion.

And it doesn't help if the Big Big Farmers of the Coop already told the Farmer that the right kind of eggs would be the regular brown that all consumers love. Less on the cholesterol and preferably washed before packaged. Simple ain't it?

But it is just that the Farmer is not liking this simple change. Oh no, no, sir. The Farmer loves whatever shade of eggs the Lil Napoleanina and The Other farts out. Whatever comes out of their butts must be good, so he believes.

No, no, sir, plain brown eggs is not his thing.

So why should this Chicken bother farting out eggs right? So this Chicken is going to do the Donkey.

The dasar pandang ke Donkey is the way to do it. This Chicken's gonna sit down at her nook in the Coop, turn me head to the left and look behind me shoulder and see what the Donkey does.

Which is nothing.

And that is what this Chicken will imitate.

A little song to go with this (sing it like you sing Oh My Darlin' Clementine):
Do the donkey
Do the donkey
Do the donkey la la laaa...
Do the donkey
Do the donkey
Do the donkey la la laaa!

Life is good...