Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Beware of the moon!"

So says Reverand Clement Hedges, who's terrorized by the Were-Rabbit in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I gotta tell ya this is one cool stop-motion animation film.

After the adventurous pork and the poultry (I mean Babe and Chicken Run) I never thought things can get so dramatic when it comes to animals that humans can ngap ngap ngap. (Pix borrowed from Y!Search)

But then again, sometimes we forget that they are living, breathing things too, just like us. Fortunately Wallace and Gromit of the Anti-Pesto team, along with nature lover Lady Campanula Tottington are heroes to the veggie-lovin rabbits in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

I especially enjoyed the script. There's a whole bunch of puns to LOL about if only you're quick enough to spot them. Don't say I didn't ya about the Reverand and the moon!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Done this:

1] Put a new link in my bloggie for Bob-siebaby the man who sings his heart out and says all the nice things at the right time.

2] Put a new link to Ariel's new blog, which is still a magical wordical adventure eventhough she claims she's no longer a creature of the divine sort. (Yo Ariel, the word "wordical" is just like geramity, and that means I invented it. I like it cause it rhymes at the end with the word "calculator" at the front. So if any IT taipans wana converge a dictionary with a calculator can anyone guess what they'll use if the word "wordical" gets adopted by Merriam-Webster?)

3] Updated the Band Superfriends blog - simply to spite cute 'lil Sue cause she's not there when they were photographing. Sakat-menyakat is a wonderful thing.

So go check 'em out...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Seen good movies lately?

I saw Children of Heaven last night - yeah, yeah, I know this is quite a popular artsy movie and I'm a bit ketinggalan in that sense. Bawled out I did, as I saw certain scenes - kesian siot bebudak tu. But I do admire their sensitivity towards their parent's struggle to make ends meet.

I don't know whether I was that bright enough when I was younger, to realize that my parents too had to struggle to provide food on the table, education etc. for my siblings and me. On top of that my ailing grandma was living with us.

My younger cousins - the so called Coffee Beans generation - is a total contrast from Ali and Zahra of Children of Heaven. If Ali told Zahra not to tell their parents about the lost shoes, it is because he knows they both will get trashing from the father, whom he knows has no money to replace it either.

On the other hand, once I heard my uncle complained to my mom that his daughter simply said, "Ala Bah, ice blended kat Coffee Beans RM10 je, bukannya mahal!" and that nearly gave him a surge of high blood pressure.