Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How silly can you get?

We've all heard it - in life, you'll never stop learning. Why? Because we can be so silly sometimes.

Let me demonstrate - take me as example:

When I was 3, I was so silly that I thought I will always be a bald kid.
(They never told me sometimes a kid just takes a bit more time to get more than just strands on their scalp. Luckily there aren't too many photos of me taken during the so-called dark ages.)

When I was 4, I was so silly I believed my siblings when they told me that I'm adopted.
(Hey, when you get roasted from playing all day at the beach of Batu Buruk and your siblings are in Ipoh drinking the magical tap water that's making their skin SKII-esque, who wouldn't? But I don't really mind, cause it made me feel quite special actually.)

When I was 6, I was so silly I believed calling my neighbour's kid Shasha budak Camca (Shasha the teaspoon kid) will get her off my back.
(No, she took it as a compliment and kept shoving her Barbie Dolls up my nose everytime she comes over. Boy next door with his Kam Kam toys also didn't mind being called Kam Kam Kambing (Kam Kam goat boy) instead of Kamrin. Sorry Shasha, Kamrin, wherever you guys are.)

When I was 12, I was so silly I believed being the tallest girl in my class is the worst thing that can ever happen to me.
(Oh my goodness, no! Apparently my height is quite normal. And lucky for me, it was from sitting in the last row that my short-sightedness was discovered by my class teacher.)

When I was 13, I was so silly I believed I will always be friends with my schoolmates from primary school.
(Er, actually no, this is one instance in which I was a bit smart. I'm still in touch with so many of them! And they are still the coolest bunch of people ever! But I know many people out there are not so lucky. I mean, I can cite about 20 mates from Standard One who are still actively keeping in touch with me. Can you?)

When I was 17, I was so silly I believed my SPM results will get me somewhere.
(Hell no! I got to a community college in the east and there I learnt how to say the F word without an ounce of guilt.)

When I was 20, I was so silly I believed I must've met all the fuckwits in the world already.
(HELL NO! There may be a lot of fuckwits in college - the pious ones who quotes God's words in every other sentence but once they become your project partner not even a sentence do they deliver, one that wants to kill you cause her short ugly BF has a thing for you, ones that call themselves friends but asks you out on a double date with a couple of bald, boroi, gatal married men.. One must never forget that some of them actually graduated too, and given the opportunity of employment, they become fuckwits in the work place pulak.)

When I was 26, I was so silly I believed there's nothing bad about my job.
(Yes, I was delusional for the first four years of employment. Who wouldn't? It's fun, easy, hardly stressful, I get to play with the latest gadgets and even keep some, eat at the latest posh spots in town, travel to countries I never imagined setting foot on, meet cool people... BUT MY PAY SUCKS!)

Now that I'm 28, I know I'm still so silly cause I believe next month I'll get a raise.
(Ha ha! Me hoping for the best but trying my best not to show it. Hu hu! Say a prayer for moi, thanks.)

See? That's how silly I can get. So how silly can you get?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shows over the weekend

Spider, Wings & Slank concert

^ View from the press box. Yes, that old, that far.

So there I was, shouting out my deepest thoughts despite knowing no one - not Dubai nor Bob who were seated on the same row, or Encik Ara, Kak Nadia & co seated three rows in front - in the crowd can hear me, amidst the loud music mingled with reverbs, feedbacks, and bad balancing everytime a band switch happens:

"Menda aa Spider! Takkan lima lagu je, mana cukup? Orang baru nak syok-syok dah abis."
[Lame Shakespeare eavesdropper translation: "What doth Spider! Mere five sonnets, tis hardly enough? My fluttering heart is just speckled with drops of joy, alas! Came the end too swift."]

"Waa.. Wings lu orang sound macam dolu-dolu la. Awie dah boleh 'tarik' baek balik.."
[Enid Blyton fan translation: "Well done boys! You all sounds just like how you were in the good ol' days. Our boy Awie here is now capable of notching the elusive high notes once again."]

"Fuiyo memang dasat aa Slank ni! Okeh wa pun jadi Slankers la ini macam!"
[Cult follower translation: "I see the light, mastah. I am your chosen one, mastah. I am humbly your slave, mastah!"]

XPDC, Wings and Eye on Malaysia
Near the base area of the 30 storeys high Ferris wheel, we witnessed not only Malay rockers back in their element (that's what free concerts are all about):

Sireh pulang ke gagang..
XPDC has its former members back on the line up, with Mael and Amy and Zua rejoining Izo. Hopefully this means Zua will not revive his Viper project. Er, sorry Viper fans.

Belut pulang ke lumpur...
Having warmed up from their show just a couple of nights before, Wings has Awie on the frontline again. And just like on the Friday night before, Awie brought his own mic tied with what looks like a piece of blue pashmina to wave to the crowd again. (Kaka of Slank used his mic stand to wave the Indonesian flag. Hmm.)

Kembara Si Raja Gondang

^ Actors in character: (FL) Gadis-gadis Kampung Baru,
Rakan-rakan Burn and Rakan-rakan Kesuma.

Renamed Kesuma (so that performance art lovers out there will not mistake it for a Mak Yong), this musical has ASWARA students, graduates and performance art professionals from all over joining forces to bring to life a story of an old man who went mad searching for his dead son in Kuala Lumpur.

Tonight is the only night left to catch it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Apa benner? Search batal konsert?

For a split second I hate being in the media.

Just heard rumours that the Search concert - yes the KL one - has been cancelled.

The JB one has been postponed, and now KL cancelled?!

Not sure why, not sure if tis a valid source.

So let's check tonight's news and tomorrow's newspapers ja.