Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Farmer leaves the coop

Mayday, mayday!

The farmer has left the coop.

It is a May day indeed.

Suddenly sunny day, like one likely happenning in May.

Farmer dear, thanks for everything.

Even for those times when you were nasty.

Cause those times taught me even nice people can turn ugly.

Best of luck Farmie!

We chickie-chickies are now happy...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bangkok jam

What makes Bangkok memorable?

1. The taxis They're brightly coloured Toyotas - green, orange, blue, pink you name it they've got it. I didn't get to ride one - yeah, that's what work trips are all about - not much time to do much at all.

2. The bazaars Big wide spaces packed with small outlets selling everything you don't need but want to buy anyway. Try thai silk - 4m sheets at 300 baht ok what? OK lah for Suan Lum Market (accessible via BTS to Lumpini) which is made merrier by expats (also made it pricier than other markets). Now a bit menyesal for not buying more.

3. The tut tuts
Wanna try that Ong Bak scene? No choice - once you're on it, you're in for the ride of your life. For 70 baht you can ride quite far, say KLCC to Dataran Merdeka.

4. The food
For muslims halal stuff may be a challenge, but there's lots to choose from. Even sireh comes in commercial packs. But those home made sausages looks damn inviting man!

Monday, February 05, 2007

The OKs and not OKs

DiGi's Konsert Rentaq Serantau last weekend was..

^ Found you: When Search's onstage, Amy was the only one capitalising on the stage and wireless system.

Great turnout - long lines queuing at both the RM28 and RM38 entrances, and more at the ticket booths too. The venue had previously hosted Alanis Morrissette, SO7, Dewa, etc so most people knew what to expect in terms of seating/standing arrangements.

They did a great job with the stage. Tilted at an angle to address three corners effectively, the setup made everyone feel that they're close enough no matter where they seat/stand. Lights and visual projectors were very well coordinated as well.

Bunches of concert goers yang berhemah shows the rest of the crowd how to have fun, go crazy and be wild, without causing distress to anyone else. It was simple, you wanna sing and dance to the music, choose a spot wee bit away from the starstruckers, and have your ruckus well done with fries on the side!

Not enough staff/authorities manning the grounds. Some people crowd a certain spots in huge numbers, a couple of times the rowdy ones seems poised to simply trample onto seated audience for a better view.

Sound? Macam haremmmm... Masalah equipment ke? Or adakah Malaysia ni very lacking in terms of experienced sound engineers, or is it the venue/stage setting that's making it impossible for the soundmen to get their act in place? Maybe when I'm part of the backstage crew, I'll understand and appreciate their efforts more.

Class act
Inul - where did all the gelek gerudis go? Frankly she looks a bit off-center as she tries her best to spin and sway uncharacteristicly. Heard she had to sign and pledge best behaviour agreement with the organizers before coming on stage. Sigh. Not much of a fan, but since you're there, give it all out already!

Ella - major gripe: very small repertoire. But being the performer she is, even during that short stint she manages to make an impact. "Sebentar.. Sebentar.." takes a new meaning as Ella impulsively cues her musician. Guess I'll have to catch her next time at her Sunday Nite Live.

Search - gimmicky, gimmicky. Perhaps a mini version salvaged from whatever they've planned for their 25th anniversary gig. Ada lak mic problem tu but as expected Amy carried on ikut suka dia. On the other hand despite being equipped with wireless tools, Hillary and Edrie hardly take advantage of this edge. Don't you just miss Kid and Din!

Radja - too bad the crowd carrying the Sabah flag decides to start you-push-me-we-push-you ponggo right in the middle of their opening sound. But what's most memorable bit about their performance is the vocalist's outfit... Ngapain pakaiannya kayak Achik Spin dalam pilem Diari Romeo?