Monday, May 26, 2008

Work is rarely holiday

Some people get to go to really nice places due to work, but if anyone asks them "So was city X nice?" or "While you were in X, did you go to V and W?" and it's kinda sucks to reply "Didn't!".

Take This Chicken for example. This Chicken went to B to check out some cool egg materials which she did get a lumpful but upon fartin' them out the eggs were placed in one basket then dropped, leaving only a couple of farted eggs still in one piece. Imagine singing Purnama Merindu in front of a live audience but the mic went blargh and only the first couple of verse and the end tail were heard.

In any case while This Chicken was in B, the only time for getaway is weeeeeee early in the morning cause B gets sunrise early. Then it was all about eggsy work stuff. But above's a shot This Chicken feels pretty good about.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Chicken the demam lah

No wonder I feel feverish! I have not blogged since end of April!

This Chicken has now moved to another computing system, which is faster, and it is on XP. Haha big deal, but it is a wonderful improvement over Windows 2000 ok.

Went to this event and found out that I'm a so-called Digital Immigrant. Digital Immigrant. Just cause I'm turning 30 this year. Say, when I was told that Digital Immigrants are people of the age 30 and above, I was 29. Still am, in fact.

So does that make me a Digital Immigrant, or a Digital Native? (Digital Natives are people who were born in the tech era, no-manual, every gadget gotta serve me and keep me occupied within 5 mins or I'm bored and your technology is not good.)

This Chicken actually could not care less. OK I do care, but it's only cause I hate being labeled Digital Immigrant/Digital Native. This Chicken hates being labeled period.

In any case This Chicken is thinking about concentrating on what matters - getting some old stuff out of the old PC and nicely organised into new PC. Ambitious!