Monday, September 22, 2003

Sue got in!

Finally! One member! Of course I also granted the Admin access as well - everybody can do everything here.

I gotta start working soon - I have been doing nothing the whole of last week (nothing related to work), and I got tons of articles to write!

Tak cukup korum...

Just received your invite...

Macam tak pecaya je yg Cik Li dah fly gi UK... tsk! tsk! tsk!
Dah kurang sorang.... Selamat ada lagi 3 org member...
Dulu macam C.S.I... sekarang dah jadik Sex & the City punya geng laks!

Geng, jgn lupa tgk wayang rabu nih!!!!


ps: bosan datang kerja, pasal ada chance kena panggil ngan boss! tidakkkk!!!!!!

So far so....

Lonely! Manakah sumua worang yang ku invite earlier? Belum terima invitation kah? Memang server kat opis nih selalu jek buat hal, but I thought I did sent out the messages... I'll resend then!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Why sing, sing, song?

Confession: I'm hooked to blogging!

I just can't have enough of it. Perhaps it's cause writing for a publication can sometimes be very frustrating (cause you have to adhere to advertiser's preference and editor's instructions, maybe).

I've started three blogs already - this is my fourth. There's just so much to blog about. Sharing it with friends seems fun, hence the emergence of singled out.

Here's what I think this blog will be good for:

1. I may have started this blog, but I plan to give administrator rights to everyone so that everyone can edit and add the look of this blog to their liking - the truth be said: I sux at html though I might have impressed Cik Li when I said I remember a bit of it. Besides, I still can't load photos up this blog, and have recently failed to put links that can point straight to a page on my Yahoo! Photos - so maybe you guys can help?

2. Creative writing (which is part of my work) does not come easy. I hope you guys will blog and tell the rest of us whatever you are willing to share - and do be generous while you at it - any topic, any writing format, any language - all are welcomed. I'm sure all posting will inspire me as well as you all too in one way or another.

3. Perhaps this blog will be a good place to consult others about stuff that we're not sure how to handle (I sure could use that from the rest of you gals!).

So tell me if this is a good idea or does it sux like hell! And as to kenapa I name it sing sing song? 'Tahlah!