Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prank caller update

Apparently three girlfriends of mine received those calls too. Yep same number, same sorry pathetic loser.

And the wanker called me and Nadya on Tuesday morning. We both decided to press the pick up button then left our handphones by the side, and moved on with whatever we were doing (me sleeping, Nadya the nightbird watched the rest of the DVD).

Do I wanna trash the wanker? Naah... I do wana make him pay though. Time to see the IT guy again...

Obviously: The trash bin...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Relocated booboo

This is something I posted at another blog I maintain (dated then and there July 19, 2005), and the relocation is due to the fact that the story no longer fits in its original context, but never should it be wasted.

Blah and go
By Siti Rosman

KUALA LUMPUR, Tue. - A twenty-something youth commited breach of contract by leaving his workplace with a hollar of "Blahlah!" to his colleagues plus an SMS note saying "I quit!" sent to his superior yesterday. According to senior colleagues, this markes his third time big screw-up on the job, but this time there were no trace of guilt, remorse nor repentence of any sort.

"What makes the matter so weird is that no one in the group really knows why he is really upset," said one senior colleague. "He simply refused to come back to the main line to perform his duty, and even signalled somewhat insolently to another senior colleague who had beckoned him to come back."

A few other senior colleagues suspected that he might have been too embarassed and disraught over his very last outing on the line, in which he had forgotten his lines, delivered what he could muster in out-of-tune manner and fumbled to the end.

"Everyone makes mistakes, but with experience you will know how to handle it. Perhaps the venue of the operation, which was packed with people made him even more upset, having embarassed himself in front of what he though was too big of a crowd. He ain't seen the real crowd yet!" gushed another senior colleague, who relayed the experience of working in a hall packed with way too many people so much so that going to the loo became almost an impossible feat.

When asked by Bandsuperfriendsblog if the possible permanent loss of team mate will affect the group badly, a spokesperson for the group optimistically said, "Indeed when there is a breach of contract by individuals who are not professional nor are they respectful of others, the group is affected. However this has happened before, and it had not stopped the group from delivering their best. We're confident there are lots more capable performers out there who will fill in his shoes."

Last in, first out: Quitter who said, "Blahlah!" and unabashedly left.

"Breach of contract is a legal concept in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honored by one of the parties to the contract by non-performance or interference with the other party's performance." -

In some cases contract quitter may not be granted payment for any previous service rendered, unless his/her superior is willing to be generous.

Another frontline colleague of the nincompoop youth even went as far as saying, "Actually, when he was roped in, there wasn't a lot of change. I still carry the same load. So if he really wants to quit, it doesn't bother me."

Another senior colleague who had had old-school training on the job commented that new recruits should be trained as how it was done in the old days, when freshmen gets a variety of scolding and spanking until they became proficient.

His comment was supported by the founding member of the group, who observed that recruits of today are generally lembik and tend to quickly naik lemak when given some slack.


* For the record the guy has returned to his team after two days of feeling sorry for himself. Capital L...r...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Halamak... STOMP nak mai la... Bakpe gok maha dok'oh tiketnye?

Why oh why are the shows in Istana Budaya always so expensive? I'm not just talking about Cats and STOMP now, even Alang Rentak Seribu or National Symphony Orchestra performances cost quite a bundle for an average Malaysian like me.

And they wonder why it is so hard to promote these shows.

And they wonder why art appreciation is lacking among Malaysians.

And they wonder why they're being accused of being clique-ish.

Why won't they reserve more places for students? Why won't they give more early bird discounts? Why won't they give cheaper options?

You'd think students nowadays could afford RM77 for a seat? Even working individuals like me would think thrice (to the power of two) to pop RM77, let alone RM127 per show - and that's minimum prices!.

Sure, STOMP (etc.) is a recognised, international outfit. However, surely there must be a way to make these acts more accessible to normal people like me.


However, if you are lucky enough to be among the minority of people who would not think twice paying more than RM50 per show, perhaps the JPEG I borrowed from would be worth perusing...

Friday, July 15, 2005


Ordered the Double-Cheese, felt a bit guilty.
Got the Light Coke that just doesn't hit.
Soggy fries complements but tasteless without chilli.
The saviour is Apple Pie minus the heat.

p/s: This is a mild, almost mis-manifestation of my ketidak-puasan hati kerna McDelivery during lunch tadi agak lambat dan mamat yang deliver tu tumpahkan air kitorang, pastu tanak bertanggungjawab lak tu! Dah la fries ku yang berpeluh-peluh tu tak cukup chilli sauce. Marah la ni.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Did I say beach? Well, I meant...

... sea. Deep sea. Deep enough for novice South China Sea.

Plus thunder and lightning. Whichever comes firstlah. I was too terrified and excited to notice.

Plus high waves. Plus rocking boat. Big boat with parangs and other dangerous utensils lying around...

Plus a trio of seamen who said, "Going to sea while the rain is a-rocking and a storm is a-brewing? Why not? Then we can take a shower AND go fishin' at the same time - cool huh!" (OK for the record the neither pakcik nor the abangs used the word "cool" but in essence, that's what they said... or something to that effect. Remember? I was terrified and stuff...?)

And I never did find my sea legs. And I lost my orientation (meaning I could not recall which way was the mainland once we lost sight of it, hence that sinking feeling that says if the boat capsizes and I'm thrown into the ocean, I would not know which way to swim to).

Yet there we were, two boats full of top executives attached to a billion dollar company and a bunch of IT journalists, sailing right into the middle of the spot where fishermen always go when it is squid season.

We were already partly wet the moment we got onto the boat, and the dark cloudy sky finally delivered the shower it's been meaning to bestow...

In simpler terms, after five minutes struggling to get on the boat, most of us were wet waist below with saltwater, and after another five minutes, we got the needed cleansing.

After braving a 20 minutes wild ride on the open sea, we finally anchored at a place where squids were OK with being caught without a bait.

And some actually did fell for it!

See, to candat sotong we were given a roll of nilon thread with a rod of hooks attached to it. Then we're supposed to drop it all the way down, then tug it every now and then so that passing squids will get entangled by surprise and in the end, earn the name "My catch".

The pakcik onboard said you'll feel the hook gets a bit heavier - that's how you'll know that your hook has gotten a catch. In fact as the rain subsided and we were given the roll of nilon thread, he confidently asked some of the girls onboard to tanak nasi...

Then after some time of throwing and tugging, and complaining about the possible development of uneven biceps, and wondering about how the other boat was doing (see we were separated to two spots about 100 metres away from the other)... one journalist finally, nonchalantly, indifferently, hooked a squid up.

Yours truly got so much more excited than her. After all she is one of those shy types, so if I was jumping and squeling rocking the boat then I must be exponentially happy, no?

But not long after that another reporter caught one, then another, then I did (acted cool to cover up my previous joyous outburst over someone else's catch), then another lady reporter caught a big ebek fish (This guy *barks! Literally! I mean the fish did! Did bark I mean. Really!), then more squids came up!

We went on tugging for about another hour, told bad jokes, a guy barfed, watched the sunset then finally went back to shore...

We all had to jump back into the water to get off the boat - most went straight to their rooms in order to get cleaned and dressed for the BBQ after thanking the nice boatmen, but some of us (three of us actually) stayed in the warm, calm sea water, happily paddling and ignored the call backs to the beach.

The beach was nicely lit with spotlights from the adjacent garden, so we could see how clear the water was. I was staring at my feet swishing the sand below with water at shoulder level... Then it struck me...

... that my Petaling Street watch is still strapped on my wrist, and it's still tickin'! Considering I spent RM10 on it... what a steal huh?!

* I highly suspects that the fish knew we were calling him The Fish with a Suicide Mission, and begs to differ! But seriously. To be caught without even a small worm of a bait.. C'mon...

Monday, July 04, 2005

And another beach assignment...

... this time to Terengganu! Tho I rilly rilly wish that I could be in Sarawak, enjoying the Rainforest Music Festival... And to think I've heard quite a good bit of Petrona Martinez! Nevermind, times are hard and I can't afford the trip this time, no? Wish some people would just pay and let me live for a change... Anyway Krakatoa isn't there again...

Anyway, Terengganu. Yes, it should be fun - treasure hunt la, pampering la, or so the PR lady said... be "keepin my fingers cross" anyway... any IT reporter would shiver if I mention the PR coop's namey...

Hopefully things will be much better than my previous beach/island work outing (Penang... MAS domestic sux!).

This time around, the guys working under the mightily rich fella who just donated BILLIONS to Live 8 will be driving us there, right to the beach!

Among others scheduled, besides the work thingla, is ze barbarical marine animal skodeng-ing and hunting and killing and eating spree... Promise, I shall not consume any endangered species. Wish-a-me a-fun!

(Please note that the pix's borrowed from