Monday, September 10, 2012

Apologies to all Chickens who rely on the Internet to fart eggs

Tis because This Chicken've been hogging the bandwidth playing old school 90s songs, murdering my eardrums with loud funky noises that most people know as Cake, Alanis Morissette, Weezer, Cranberries, Jamiroquai and No Doubt.

This Chicken blames self for trying to control anger like this. There should be other ways to productively combat the rise of bloodboil inside This Chicken's anatomy.

Seriously, the Farmer and Lil Napo are getting on This Chicken's frail nerves. The nerve of them to assume This Chicken is like them too! C'mon This Chicken is a chicken for heaven's sake. This Chicken only make peanuts farting eggs. Unlike them This Chicken don't make big peanuts!

How This Chicken cherish those moments Farmer becomes the ass of the Barbarians. It got him running around like a.. erm.. headless chicken when one Barbarian simply command, "Find me the honey. I want honey. You get me the honey, bunny!"

And off he goes. Here. There. Everywhere. Ask around he did, and This Chicken puts on a set of headphones and ignore the whole incident as if This Chicken do not fart eggs in this Coop.

How This Chicken cherished the moment Lil Napo suggested that This Chicken fart out a brown bugsabunny egg. How This Chicken enjoyed telling Lil Napo that This Chicken had farted out a brown bugsabunny egg two years ago but it was deemed unsexy. How This Chicken loved it when out loud it was said, "You do it."

Gosh. Stupid, weird, selfish Farmer and Lil Napo.