Friday, September 26, 2008


This Chicken got a nasty shock yesterday. Our car was hit from behind by a gold coloured Toyata Camry WLV6805 at about 6.15PM on our way home.

We waved and asked the driver, a very smartly dressed 40-something complete with gold-rimmed glasses that's supposed to make him look oh-soh-professional, to stop.

But he just waved a "Pah! Nothing ma!" and sped off to the right! Not even a "sorry"!!!


Because the road came to a fork and we already went left to (try and find a good spot to) stop, we had no choice but to follow the trafic. We would've given the guy a chance had we not had the road dividers in between. Cis!

OK, Chicken was fasting. Boiling mad inside, but fasting.

So we decided, that's alright. Let's get through buka first. When we finally got a place to stop we checked for damage.

The bumper's all doinky and the plate number is ruined. Gonna cost us about RM4,000. How we know? Cause we've checked with our manufacturer la.

Takpe, takpe. Eat first. Be grateful first. Then on to Balai Polis Jalan Bandar to do our report.

Encik Polis: Nampak macam sikit je. Nak report juga?

Kitorang: Ya, sebab orang tu langgar lari Encik. (Dalam hati: Sikit pun bumper je RM3,900.00.)

Encik Polis: Isk ye ke! Baguslah report. Kita boleh kesan dia. Saman naik ni.

Kitorang: Terima kasih la Encik, tolong kitorang.

Encik Polis: Driver langgar lari ni memang tak hormat orang. Tak makan saman.

Kitorang: Memang Encik. Patutnya dapat je kesan kereta tu, terus rampas je kereta dia jangan bagi balik. Kalau rampas lesen je dia drive juga.

Encik Polis: Nanti saya sampaikan cadangan tu. Betul juga tu. Patut buat yang sama juga untuk driver-driver yang potong 'Q', yang ikut lorong emergency ke lorong teksi ke, mengekor ambulans ke. Baru la aman KL ni.

Kitorang: Kitorang sokong Encik.

Encik Polis: Nah sign sini, ambik copy report di Tingkat 1 Bilik 1.

Kitorang: Terima kasih Encik.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicken hungry la...

Ramadhan datang lagi...

This Chicken is not any thinner because, who gets thinner during fasting month anyway? Not if you keep going to those drive-you-crazy Bazar Ramadhan?

Food's not getting any cheaper there, but sellers are getting bolder. Some of them did not even bother to get their temp licence yet charge for their dish as if they're paying double for the site they're using as business premise. Isk isk isk.

If only This Chicken can rely on other sources for buka.

Not at this rate when there's lots of egg-ing to do and you can't fart out fast enough.

Somemore one Otai Farmer up there wants the eggs to be in multiple forms. Just simply healthy brown eggs alone no longer enough.

Must have a few other versions of it. With colour skew and so-called personalised hue. Basically this Otai Farmer wants the chickens to go out to one egg-ing session, virtually fart a lil dotted egg from the site, then come back and fart one standard-sized brown version, and lastly vomit another mucky version of the same thing.

Plus when you want to send the lil dotted egg, you'll be needing some sort of farming equipment to do it. So who's gonna give us Chickens one? The Otai Farmer said each Chicken will get one, but have to co-pay for it, got easy-scheme what not.

Yeah right. So much work, so little time, add in hutang into the picture as well!

This Chicken got only one ass to do all the farting. Want me to grow another virtual lil ass? Bayarla!

OK sabar, sabar, puasa maa...