Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Team Malaysia

When our sportsmen and sportswomen do badly, we...
A] say "Biasalah... Tak boleh harap... Jaguh Kampung.."
B] tell our kids to practice their piano/violin/electone/ballet cause athletes don't make money
C] get frustrated and start doing some damage
D] read Manchester United vs Chelsea scores as lead story on Sports news

When our sportsmen and sportswomen do well, we...
A] quickly tell our peers that we have been a football/badminton/tracks fan for years
B] take our kids to the nearby park to have a bit of football/badminton/tracks activities
C] feel all jubilant and talk-jock even with the people we hate at the office
D] read how the use of laser has affected the performance of the team that our sportsmen beat

Let's hope our boys do well in the next 90-odd minutes!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boy oh boy!

Why is it so cold today...? I wish the weather is much warmer outside so that I can play.