Monday, December 29, 2008

What a coupla weeks out of the Coop can do


So This Chicken's been away from the Coop nearly a coupla weeks already. I'm sure by now eggs are laying on the desk waiting to be hatched but the rest of it are not really anyone's business, not even This Chicken's.

At home, no grouses, no holiday plans, nothing much to do except washing when the sun shines, watching halfway through soap operas from Indonesia, peck a bit at this and that...

.. and out of being so bored not bitching about The Farmer, The Barbarians nor Lil Napoleanina, This Chicken logged in onto her Yahoo!Mail and started digging some old, unopened forwarded emails saved for days exactly like this.

Yes, I read about what Anwar Ibrahim supporters are so passionate about. And the email prompted This Chicken to check out a link in YouTube. Hmm... funny how Anwar Ibrahim's speech about how he'll lower the pricing of minyak in YouTube is somehow tagged Ida Nerina Fauzi Nawawi Main Minyak Part 2.


Like This Chicken care what Anwar Ibrahim, Ida Nerina or Fauzi Nawawi wants to do in their spare time.


Truth is This Chicken is quite embarassed. Not cause This Chicken just owned up to being curious about a left wing political hard sell speech nor having logged into YouTube and bumped into a sex video footage instead.

It is more of being embarassed over what goes on in This Chicken's head. It goes like:

So one guy wanna take over the country. 
This Chicken's immediate internal response: Ye la tu..

And two guys wanna do a 69.
This Chicken's immediate internal response: Takde keje la tu..

How could a Chicken who's been raised right by the parents can look at all this and not have any strong negative reaction towards it. Shouldn't it be like:

One wanna take over the country. 
This Chicken's immediate internal response: Who are you to take over the country when all you have given us is Bahasa Baku? And you were Menteri Kewangan 91 -98 as you've pointed out in the video I just watched, and you allowed slashing of education fund first during the recession? Real smart ya? 

Two wanna do a 69.
This Chicken's immediate internal response: Orang mesia ni takde kerja bodoh lain ke nak buat? Pegi tanam padi pakai kuku kambing pun kira OK lagi..

At least these kind of initial retorts would've been more er.. appropriate? Or is This Chicken's way too dumbed-down already to even worry about the country's political future and the rakyat's (celebs are rakyat too ya) moral?

Guess tis just The Chicken being out of touch with the world.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Enter the power-hungry Barbarians! Ach!

New characters has entered the Coop, and this Chicken is all unhappy about it. Barbarians - ooh, chickens in the coop are all trembling in "fear" and laughter.

To document this new characters is quite hard, frankly, as this Chicken knows not where to begin.

They claim they know everything. They claim technology is dead and the world is flat.

They like to mess around in the Coop, causing the Farmer to quake in his shoes. Yes, the Farmer is being bullied by the Barbarians.

The Barbarians are taking over the Coop because the can, and our dear ol' Farmer is too afraid to retaliate. Even when there is a threat to slaughter Farmer's beloved Angels, the Farmer is not doing anything at all as he was too busy not doing his farmerly duties.

While it is a lot of fun to see ol' Farmer being cornered, bullied and laughed at, us Chickens in the Coop is always aware that if the Farmer's not flexin' his muscles on even a bit of farming, us Chickens might just get slaughtered one, by, one. It will not just be the Angels.

Oooh... but this Chicken recently started a nasty rumour that those wanker Barbarians are also aiming to take away Farmer's beloved Little Napoleanina out of the farm as well. Woohoo!

Now us Chickens know what it is like to be the bad guy!

Exciting enough, but on a more serious note, this Chicken is wondering just how much more shitty can life in the Coop be?

In case you're wondering how us Chickens are coping, suffice to say we are now pecking methodically in the Coop to look good. Layin' low for now..

p/s: Go see Bolt in 3D!