Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bila larut malam

... try not to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose...

For me it's quite scary! The contortions on her face! The eyes! The scream! The curse! Waaaa!!! Terbayang-bayang siot!

I caught it on big screen pulak tu! What to do, kerja maa...

"One two three four five six!"

Ish... seram...!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thrills and chills

"Maya Karin is now Malaysia's Dian Sastro... yep... winnin' here and there... But she seems to be called the specialist when it comes to horrors ekk.." - So says one of the high-profile film critic in the coop I'm stuck in.

The comment came out right after he saw Maya's photo on the front page of today's Malay Mail, right next to the headline that reads, "Porn Queen busted". (The smaller print that carried Maya's story which goes, "Meet the vampire queen" was obviously a proof that the sub-editors responsible for the frontpage have no qualms about using the same word twice on the same page. Hmm...)

An akak critic comes in and argued, "Eleh Maya won the first award cause Jins said very few actress don't mind having her face dihodohkan on screen... Come on la! The second one I bet may not be as interesting... Sequels usually suck!"

I played peacemaker and said, "OK juga Maya tu berlakon... But I prefer Nasha Aziz's performance in Trauma anytime man. Damn scary one..."

Our other colleague from a far corner of the room interjected, "You know what's scary? You wanna know what's really scary?"

We all turned and looked at him expectantly...

"What's scary is Wan Maimunah man! Wan Maimunah I tell you... Any telemovie, any serial drama! Brr..!"

Wha..? Huh? Sampai sekarang kitorang tak paham siott...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Selamat selamat

Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends.

Here's to Ramadan Resolution!

I shall go easy on the kuehs.

I shall bring only RM10 saje everytime I go to Pasar Ramadan.

I shall buka puasa with my family more than just a couple of times (yep, last year's hectic).

I shan't binge during sahur (I promise I'll wake up for sahur).

I shan't kutuk the lagu rayas that is not up to my taste.

I shan't get involved with last-minute shopping at areas like Jalan TAR.

I shan't order Jam Tarts or London Almond again (will let my other siblings get em!).