Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Piece of news that makes go "Hmm.. egg or chicken?"

The thing about the egg or chicken dilemma, what ever the outcome maybe, it does not really affect anyone who happens to not have any problems with enjoying both forms.

Let's face it, eggs are eggs - despite being infamous for its high cholesterol content, we still love it cause tis really hard not to. And someone tend to mention something about being high in protein, which theoretically means, good loh!

Remember coming home from school one hot afternoon, when dead leaves give out a nice crushing sound when you step on it. 14, latch-key veteran, hungry. HUNGRY.

Need something delicious, hot, quick, easy - now.

Zombied into the lonely kitchen, glanced a bit at yesterday's gulai lemak and zoomed straight to the fridge. Opened the clasped door - felt a rush of cool air - smelt the whiff of raw veggies - and there it is - them eggs.

Sitting quietly on the top right corner - eggs. Shell intact, lovely brown hue - eggs. Breakable but in other ways tough.

Grabbed one - once sitting on palm, heard the devil said tis too small. Tried closing the fridge's door but it was too late - left hand had swiped another one and leg quickly put things to stop. Barely saw it move but suddenly the fridge's closed.

Then lightning fast - pan, stove, fire, broken shells - flipping motion - done.

And behold on the kitchen dining table - le kicap. The dark ink of slum origins that makes everything in the world all nice. With a number of black pearly drops and a little twist even the simple fried eggs seems gourmet.

Chicken it's a different matter.

Slaughter. De-bulu-ing. Cutting. Cleaning. Cooking. Ooh what hassle. Eat.

Another formula - drive to Jaya Jusco. Go to poultry section. Pick desired chicken part. Pay. Go back. Cook. Realised don't have enough ingredients. Upon the brink of giving up, decides to just fry them chicken. So fry. Eat.

Yet another formula - go to mamak stall. Sit. Order chicken. Eat. Get a shock upon paying. Realised actually in Mahboob hence the startling price.

In many ways I see eggs denoting simplicity, chicken complexity.

So when a piece of news hits and the first thing that crossed mind was, "Hmm, egg or chicken? Chicken or egg?", tend to get a gut feeling that says this is something that will never be solved, and even if it is, it doesn't really matter now, does it?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beautiful Beserah

Here's a luverly photo I took with my beloved Nokia 6600 of Beserah beach in Pahang, plus a couple more. Yes moi went on hol and came back happy... Yes this entry is a finally a happy one cause I'm in the process of letting go all of the bad vibes in the hen/duck coop...

^ The serene Beserah beach snapped at fast pace - since no one trust my driving I get to lepak in the car and go shutter crazy.

^ Nasi dagang found en-route to Chukai from Cherating.

^ Ah, Chukai's own Malayan Banking Berhad! What a wonderful sight when you're running out of cash!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Don't agree with me, but it's true that...

... the farmer of the coop is a weirdo who always goes missing till its an hour before the coop's closing time.

... the farmer of the coop thinks one's part time job should take more hours into one's real day job and that would not create trouble for the hens in the coop.

... the farmer is a nutjob who thinks everything can be turned into edible chicken poop in three tangy flavours.

... the farmer is so stupid thinking that the fact that most of the hens are keeping quiet in the coop because they truly do not have any more shit to deliver (when in truth, the hens are always a bunch of creative productive poultry).

... the farmer is so shallow and spineless that all the hens in the coop are now ducks. Yes ducks, ducks paddling in the water, ducks, that what the hens are all now.