Monday, January 03, 2011

Chicken's back!!!

Dear oh dear, tis 2011 and it's this Chicken's God-knows-how-many-years-tis-been year blogging. Can't believe I'm still blogging - and to think they say blogging is losing steam (well they've been saying that since 2009 anyway, but who cares?).

And this Chicken has a great entry this morning.

Guess what Farmer has asked this Chicken to fart out, all in the spirit of the new year? Yep! That's right. This Chicken has been tasked to take over a little stupid basket started by a stupid Barbarian back in the cave years.

Thing is, this little basket is so useless that all this while This Chicken has never even grant a glance through. The morning went like this:

Farmer: Chicken, can you fart out a couple of eggs to fill up this basket?

Chicken: Er this basket? What is it about ya?

Farmer: Oh you know, about something funny and quirky and not-so-eggy. Hmm I don't know?

Chicken: Actually, all this while that the Barbarian started this basket, I really didn't get it either.

Farmer: The basket says it's a basket of things you can learn something about.

Chicken: And the funny, quirky, not-so-eggy part?

Farmer: Tak tahulah I. (I'm not sure either.)

Chicken: So what do want me to fart out then.

Farmer: Anything lah.

Chicken: If it's anything then I rather suggest we kill this basket. Why waste coop space?

Farmer: OK, OK. (Thinking hard...) Anything not so straight-forward eggy.

Chicken: Just a couple of those?

Farmer: Yes.

Chicken: Will do.

Moral of the story. If you're a farmer and you're running a coop, make sure you know everything about it. Otherwise the chickens will laugh at you.

Happy New Year!