Monday, June 23, 2008

Dancing cheek to cheek..

^ Me and Turtie Abraham sharing a wet kiss!

Or perhaps I should've call my sea-friend Lucky (pronounced Look-kie, ask any Indonesian, they'll tell you if anyone's named Lucky, it's not La-kie, it's Look-kie) Arioso Saptoyono...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Health is wealth

As cliche as this may sound, I recently got the chance to learn the real value of health. I got sick, sick as I never was before, damn viral fever plus allergic reaction to some sort of antibiotics - we're talking popping 5 types of pills after every meal three times a day kinda sick. Plus that lousy jab in the butt for the allergy - gives pain in the butt a whole new meaning.

On top of that food just doesn't taste good. Everything tastes bitter, and chewing is a labour. Drinking just makes you have to go pee three times per every glass. If you are a food lover like I am, I'm sure you can relate - envision the loveliest plate of sashimi and teriyaki fried unagi accompanied by green tea-flavoured sorbet, a tall glass or rootbeer float and a delectable selection of tropical fruits - and you can eat none of those. If that is not tragedy, then what is?

I know what's a worse tragedy: All of the above for a whole week.

Before this the sick-est I've ever gotten involved one lousy Panadol and everything gets back to normal after a few hours. Never hospitalised like the rest of my siblings, and I have been thankful for that. So imagine the horror of having to down drugs of all colour, shape and sizes.

Today I had the loveliest plate of nasi lemak and toast with kopi kow at the regular breakfast joint, and I was thinking, to hell with losing weight. I'll just enjoy rediscovering food while I'm healthy. Guess I haven't been grateful enough for having 29 years of good health - but now I know that that is no easy feat without God's will.