Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just once as flavour of the month

If you are a singer, you look for that loud applause that comes right after your last note. If you are a cook, you look for that clean-licked plate after that meal you've prepared. If you are a writer... you look for that varying reactions on people's face and the multiple conversations that follow.

Recently a colleague of mine churned out an interview piece with a minister, and it got many tongues wagging. Fellow journalists, editors, politically-inclined individuals, bloggers, people on the street, even my mates and my family were all talking about it.

I'm not one who's qualified to judge if the article is good, bad or excellent, but I must say I was truly impressed by the excitement it generated. The tempias feeling is already even more exciting that receiving an award - I wondered what it would be like to have come out with such an article; and to have even people who you knew but never knew you discuss it with their peers.

If previously I'm a bit unaware on just how big a room for improvement I'm supposed to be working with, now I guess I have a tiny inkling about what kind of "space" I'm up against.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Salam Aidiladha

To all my friends,

Take care this festive season, please be careful on the road, and enjoy your holiday!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


At certain point of your life, you'll start to notice things, and the realisation makes you go, "Owo..." (to be pronounced as "Oow woo.." in which the "O" is but a harkat shorter than the "wo")

For example, that time when you finally figured out that "In spite of" and "Despite" means almost the same, it's just the way you use it in a sentence is different, and you go...

Another example, finally you figured out what the word "suffrage" means, which is "the right to vote" (though the word did seems to sound a lot like "suffer" and "rage" put together, go figure!), hence you go...

An even further example, when you finally catch on what "elasticity" (keanjalan people, keanjalan) in economic terms is all about, again you go...

So pushing it to the brink, when you finally understand that RM1 as for government hospital bill for everyone means everyone pays RM1 to "enjoy" hospital treatment, why won't you just go...

p/s: This post is about me trying to look at the bright side of life as I sift out the garbage in my environment and dunk'em into vacuum plastic bags. Pastensu is supposed to be cleaner than this. Now c'mon gimme an "Owo..." will ya?