Friday, June 22, 2012

Too old for Twitter

I noticed that sometimes I got really smart stuff to say on Twitter, but I end up not posting those because after a reread, it ain't that smart at all. But I'm glad that most of my short ideas to shout out to the world sounds, most of the time, not that original. I rather be not original than stupid.

I think a lot can be said about one's personality when Twitter comes into play. Forcing people to write short, Twitter has made me cultivate a habit of thinking twice before posting anything, because, at the risk of sounding stupid, I'd hate it if people know me so well.

Why should you want to know more about me than necessary? I'm a nobody, and I prefer to be a nobody. If you really wana know me, come see me. Does that mean I'm too old for the Twitter generation? Surely not, right? Not when I'm the one who grew up with Windows Me?

If anyone asks me about what I think of Twitter, I guess the way I see it is Twitter allows everyone to talk to anybody and tell something to everybody. They can chat up stars and politicians, read in their conversations, join a bunch of strangers discussing something, and tolerate those who can't even do it properly.

Do I want to be part of it? I guess it is like the real life. Sometimes you just want to say something, even if it is not original or/and stupid. So I guess yes, sometimes, no, most of the times. Does that tell you more about me?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

OMG, new blog layout!

OK, OK, I may be a latecomer, now that I've gotten a short breather after that OMG moment. It's not the "OMG, something new" kinda OMG, but more like, "OMG, I'm finally doing something different to this blog after so many years of blogging on this cobweb-laden page!" kinda OMG, ya know?

Actually I logged in to post an entry - a bitchin' one that is - about Malaysian drivers who have no qualms about throwing rubbish on the roads. You know, start car, go a lil bit forward, oh! Throw a tissue paper with your snot on. Then go forward some more, oh! There's yesterday empty mineral water bottle, throw that too. Then red light, so stop. Oh! Feel like throwing something, so how about that lil dust of a thing that look so familiar but unwanted. Throw some more. You know, that kind of driver.

But I realised now that I've gotten myself a Twitter account, I can simply tweet, "Dear Malaysian driver, please do not throw rubbish while you wait for red light to turn green." In fact, I'll have a bit more characters left to add more comments to the above.

So I decided this entry would be less whiny, more productive, and a little sprinkle of luck as I change the face of the page.

Good luck myself. Heheheheheh.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I love the football season

Since my first Euro (the first in which I understood what off-side means), I've been enjoying the football season for a variety of reasons.

But this year's Euro, I'm enjoying it for a reason very different from before. You see being Malaysian, living in Klang Valley and being in my 30s, football season for me is a break from reality.

The sight of many men chasing a ball around the field is a pleasant one as opposed to watching men in yellow shirt doing the mob at Dataran Merdeka and Masjid Jamek area. (The one staged on the holy land nearly got all the Haj pilgrims booted out for this year's season!)

The sight of the referee chasing the men chasing the ball is way more exciting than the sight of a woman in black dress who said she's the wise voice of law yet dissed the police when her gathering went out of hand. (One time you angry with police, next you seek help from police, and you wonder why all you get is the smell of burgers on your dress?)

The sight of the infamous red card is way more pleasant than the headlines in newspaper about some student loan being freezed, then reinstated, given back to the people who never really appreciated the help before. (Heck when the loan giver offer them a chance to convert the loan into scholarship, some of them even argue that getting a 4.0 CGPA is not an attainable feat. Nevermind that some people managed to get 18, 19, or 20 straight A+s before, huh?)

I could go on. But I got a football match to catch.