Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cabbie's perspective of Bersih 2.0?

It was raining. In fact, while this post is being typed, it is still raining.

I was running late, and apparently the LRT is stuffed. Forget that, I thought to myself, I'll grab a cab instead. So there I was, at a bus stop near home, neck peering out hoping for a sight of a vehicle don in red and blue.

And there it was! Barely two minutes after setting my butt on the cold tiled bench, a cab showed up. I hailed, and it stopped.

"[Blip!] can, uncle?" I requested as I saw a white-haired Tionghua gentleman behind the wheel.

"Can. Where in [Blip!]?"

"[Blip Blip!]"

"Oh you work for the press?"


"So you will be covering the 907 rally?"

"No, I only write about technology. Will you be going?"

"No, I'm old but not crazy hahahahaha! This cab is not mine, if I venture in KL that day who knows what kind of damage I'll be paying for. I have to figure some other way to make RM40 for the cab rent," he said, I'm not sure if he was going to get angry once he recalled which media I work for.

"I'll be staying at home too."

"That's a smart thing to do. I don't understand why those folks feel like they need to do this. They're busy trying to overthrow those people on top, but they forget people like me still need to make a living. You see I don't have high education, I have tons of bills and fees to pay, and I got a family to look after. I bet those folks are just like me too, except for those lawyers and doctors and other professionals joining, so aren't they concerned that their action will cause a drop in business? Those mall merchants won't make money as other people are afraid to go shopping. One day of no business is a lot of money you know," he lectured slowly.

"I know. What about you uncle, apart from the RM40, what else will you be losing?"

"I have a few regulars, those people who work in KLCC but live in Bangi, Sri Kembangan and Sungai Way. I've cancelled ahead with those folks, that's near RM150 of fare - one of them said he will call another cab. I doubt if he's going to get one. A lot of my cabbie friends won't be going out. We all hate this rally thing. If our cab gets smashed up who's gonna pay for it? You think the Bersih 2.0 organisers will pay? I think it is likely things will get ugly once the police comes in..."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

It's like raieain... on your wedding day
It's the free rideeeee.... that you've already paid
It's the good adviceeee... that you just didn't take

So sings Alanis... The song played on and on in my mind today after buying Vitagen from a small time agent slash roadside seller. So I SMSed my friend after lunch today.

"Eh, I tak faham la, what happened lah wei?" asked my friend.

"Takdelah, today after lunch as we were walking back to the office I saw one akak and her daugther selling Vitagen on the pavement outside my office. I got a bit kesian as well as ternostalgia sikit, you know when I was that girl's age Vitagen is a luxury. I feel jealous everytime the Vitagen van comes to school and friends buying in bulk to take home. My sis and I would feel so guilty to ask mom or dad for money to buy just a bottle each.... So I went to buy a pack of 5 for RM3.50 from the seller."

"Then what happened?"

"I was with three colleagues, and right after I bought them two of them started a conversation about the virtues of Vitagen. One of them said Vitagen can cause cancer, the other one said Vitagen can destroy vaginas."

"What the f... ?"

"The one who said Vitagen can cause cancer also said it is better if one takes Yakult."

"Really aah?"

"Not sure lah. My third colleague said she buys Vitagen for her kids, and that the bad rep on Vitagen could've been a doing of Yakult sales team. But you know how we drink colas and eat fried chicken? One has lots of sugar, can cause diabetes and the other is laden with cholesterol?"

"What are you getting at?"

"Just that we live dangerously."

"I was eating an apple this morning as I took the stairs down to the basement carpark - nearly choked when I saw a little girl with a big, ugly like hell dog on a leash. I thought I nearly died."

"What are you getting at?"

"Just that you can die from eating something as harmless as an apple."



"Hmm. Want a Vitagen?"


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thanks for the discount, Rajnikhant

Good news for fans of Rajnikhant, the king is out of the hospital and is now in good health. So I heard from my cabbie's radio this afternoon.

I was at Sunway trying to get a ride back to the coop when a cab finally stopped and offered to send me to Bangsar, as per meter price plus RM2 (this is cheap considering most cabbies in Sunway will ask you for extra RM5 on top of what's displayed on the meter).

So there we were, listening to some groovy Tamil songs when suddenly the DJ gets talking and I can only catch a few words (among others, vanakam and serri) when the name Rajnikhant popped up. I asked the cabbie, "Sorry could you just translate the deejay, is Rajnikhant out of the hospital already?"

The cabbie nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, yes, he's better now. Just yesterday I read about his kidney failure and he's going downhill, but today all of a sudden he's better," he translated.

"I see... So that robot movie won't be his last then," I commented.

"Oh are you a fan?"

"Not so much of his fan, but I do enjoy his movies. I still could not get over Chandramukhi," I said, and told him the actress did a fantastic job of being possessed in that film.

"I love that one too. It's one of his best ever. You've seen the robot one?" asked the cabbie.

"No la."

At that point we arrived at my destination. "So it is RM16, plus RM2 for the tol, and another RM2 extra right?" I said as I fished through my big bag.

"Eh RM16 is already inclusive the tol. Can give me RM16 enough."

"What about the RM2 extra you asked earlier?"

"Eh nevermind la. Save it for Rajnikhant's next movie ticket," he suggests.