Monday, April 22, 2013

This Chicken cries "Fowl!"

God, I hate it when you're just farting eggs and people give you shit.

The part of the Coop where This Chicken is doing her regular Egg-Farthing business is being taken over by a bunch of Barbarians, and The Farmer ain't doing shit about it.

Kiss my a**, this is one of the things that annoy This Chicken the most. This Chicken saw some valuable eggs being transported by Barbaric Slaves, and they were not taken care of nicely. Scratches, cracks - now who's going to answer for that?

What's more, The Farmer is being nice, distracting This Chicken from the fact that the Egg-Farting place will no longer be accessible to This Chicken later, and using KFC's Korea Crunch, on top of that. Smooth, Farmer, real smooth.

I hate Monday!


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