Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So much hate in this world

At times I wonder why I bothered in the first place, after staying Luddite against the social networking sites, Pinterest managed to fish me in. And because I want to be on Pinterest, I had to start either Facebook or Twitter. So I decided on Twitter as it is a micro-blogging site, hoping that it will not take up too much of my time or attention.

Twitter didn't take up too much of my time, but it did garner my attention. There is just so much hate going on.

Friends whom I thought was doing alright is bashing their heads figuratively on every word they post. There's no harm in venting, but everyday, seriously? Why live with so much of that?

And their friends who are either a cynic or blindly political. Most of the these folks tweet about how they hate something, and come what may, their opinions don't change in fact they can even find faults in the opposing opinion.

Is there world void of people with reason? Is there no more folks out there who can be tolerant of each other, accept that not everyone is like you so do not expect everyone to sheep along?


I wish the world good things, kind words, and more importantly, I wish you love.

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